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Bamboo Candles from Wild Beauty

Exclusively utilizing only 100% Kosher-certified (non-gmo) soy wax and pure essential oils, Wild Beauty brings simple, eco-friendly charm to the candle scene!

These candles are unique in that the wax is poured into an actual piece of bamboo. Once the candle burns completely, you simply clean out the remaining wax and reuse the bamboo as a container. That's right, no waste! Plus, here are a few other benefits this product boasts:
  • Reduced packaging to prevent waste
  • 60%+ of labels/packaging are recycled/recyclable
  • 100% cotton wick coated in natural beeswax for a clean burn
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with full refund/replacement
Our favorite scent is Golden Qi - a magnificent combination of Frankincense & Myrrh (perfect for the holidays). The fragrance is soft and smooth, warm and comforting. And here is the best part about the bamboo (though no one should try this at home): our tester actually left this burning overnight without issue and awoke to a beautifully scented home the next morning! With that said, this candle has an impressive burn time; the manufacturer states 24 hours, however our experience showed the candles lasted hours beyond the expected time.
If you are looking for a unique gift, we certainly recommend checking these candles out!