Legal Disclaimer: We do not post any reviews of products unless they have been tested by our review personnel.
Products may be provided free of charge for purpose of review only; no other compensation is accepted. All statements are solely intended as opinion.

FAQ - Consumers/Companies

Do I have to have a facebook account to enter giveaways?
Yes! We feel this is the easiest way to protect your information and save you time. We hold all of our giveaways on our facebook page to make it easier for you to enter and win! By entering using your facebook profile, your information is secure, we are able to verify that you are an actual person and have a guaranteed way to contact you if you win. Plus, it saves you time & effort since you don't have to fill out any forms and prevents spam you would've received from traditional blog comment entries! 

How do I enter a giveaway?
You must sign into your facebook account. Most giveaways require you to click "like" on the ecoSAFE and sponsoring company's facebook pages and then post a comment on the ecoSAFE facebook discussion for the current giveaway! We host the easiest and quickest giveaways to enter because we know how important your time is!

Do you share my information?
We are anti-spam! The only information we have access to is the information you make publicly available for anonymous user statistics via facebook (country of residence, gender, age, etc). If you win a giveaway, your mailing address will be requested and sent directly to the respective company so that your prize can be shipped to you. We do not save your contact information.

Is there a cost for reviewing products?
No! We are completely non-profit in the actual sense of the word. We do not charge to review products, nor do we accept compensation for reviewing products. If you would like your products reviewed, we require a sample for testing. Due to different testing procedures for various products, some products require larger samples than others for adequate review.

How can my business participate in a review/giveaway?
First, email us (see below) with information on your product(s) so that we can determine if your product fits into our eco-friendly/non-toxic guidelines. We will let you know if we can review your product; if we can, we'll give you a shipping address for a product sample to be shipped.

If you would like to schedule a giveaway, we require that a product sample be sent to us, tested and reviewed prior to hosting a giveaway. Please do NOT send your giveaway item(s) along with the review sample! Once your giveaway ends, we will contact you with the winner's information so that you may directly ship to the winner. 

Note: If additional products arrive with our review sample, we reserve the right to donate it locally, as we do not maintain a postage budget for giveaway shipments. We also do not promote dual-shipments where an item requires being transported more than necessary (thus increasing associated pollution), nor do we offer used items for giveaway (i.e. review samples).

More questions? Just email us!