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Products may be provided free of charge for purpose of review only; no other compensation is accepted. All statements are solely intended as opinion.

About Us

We're not your average folks. Why is that? Well...we're green! No, not like martians...but in thought, practice, and environmentalism! Everything we eat, breathe, and live is a shade of green. And we're here to help educate others on how they too can live a greener existence!

Basically, we wanted to create an online resource people could trust for unbiased product information based on science and experience - uninfluenced by greed or obligation. ecoSAFE is comprised of professionals in various fields, most are recognized as experts in their respective fields. With that said, our volunteers, testers, and guest bloggers are not compensated for their participation - this blog is a work of heart for all involved!

Why? Why not! Every person has something to offer to help the world and others, our gift to you is a compilation of expertise in all things green. We don't expect anything in return, we are simply sharing our knowledge and experience so that you in turn can become better educated and hopefully pass on your newfound knowledge to others. We aren't operating on high advertising budgets and fancy marketing ploys, we're simply a group of people who believe in the power of change. And it all starts with a single seed -- YOU!


ecoSAFE was founded in 2007. All of our testers vary in their shades of green, which is representative of our reading audience as well as the population in general. Since our goal is to find products that DO work for people, we do NOT review products of which we do not approve. If a product does not meet our standards, we contact the company to inform them that we are unable to feature their products, providing the reasons for such decision. Therefore, if you see it on our website, it is an item which we have actually tested, found to be safe, effective, and approve of due to our experience with it.

In 2010, ecoSAFE was featured by the 'Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families' organization. We review products in order to educate the public about product options and eco-awareness. Compensation is never accepted (read: we do not get paid) so you can trust that all of our opinions are just that. We do not discriminate against companies due to their affiliations, marketing or sales strategies (i.e. consultants,  direct sales), etc. as we prefer to focus on the product. We're always happy to share what we learn to help others follow a greener path through life. 

NOTE: Due to a server crash in early 2010, we lost all data and previous reviews from our archives so we're starting anew and will be rewriting and posting previous product reviews as time allows. If your company was previously featured and you would like to request we revisit your product line for a rewrite, please feel free to send your request via our contact tab.

Thank you for checking us out! Spread the eco-love -- knowledge is contagious!