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Kitchen: If You Care

If You Care... more than an environmentally friendly product line, it's a way of living.

Just some of the admirable attributes of their many products:
*FSC-certified sustainably harvested
*100% Renewable Resources
*Vegetable-based inks
*Non-Toxic glues
*Recycled packaging
*Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free, Allergen-free

We had the great pleasure of trying nearly everything you see in the above photo {with the exception of the cooking twine, cheesecloth, and paper sandwich bags}. And I have to admit, this company makes absolutely WONDERFUL products. Every step in the life circle of these products considers and minimizes impact on the environment. While we've found that going green often requires more effort on your part due to inefficient products when compared to traditional ones, If You Care (IYC) products are actually MORE efficient, MORE effective, and MORE responsible - you gain everything and lose nothing with this brand. I am in awe....honestly.

The FSC-certified household gloves ($2.99) came in handy last month when all three of our children were struck with norovirus, aka the stomach flu. I credit these gloves with saving me {and only me} from acquiring the highly contagious virus whilst the rest of our household suffered, leaving me as the designated cleaner. 

The silicone-coated parchment baking sheets ($3.99) are my other favorite IYC product! The box contains 24 pre-cut sheets and the size perfectly fits a standard baking sheet. Here is where this brand wins the race, even if taking out all the awesome eco-benefits....we ended up using just ONE sheet over and over again to bake over 5 dozen cookies for the holidays!!! So if you only have one dessert baking day per month, a box will last you 2 YEARS. And it worked so well, nothing stuck whatsoever, and everything turned out beautifully, too.

From coffee filters to baking muffin/cupcake cups, 100% biomass firestarters to 100% recycled aluminum....If You Care is a brand you MUST try!

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