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Experiment: The "eco-friendly" Scentsy Warmer

We've been working on a synthetic-free, non-toxic alternative to scenting your are the initial results of our Way Out Wax and Scentsy experiment! You (and your wallet) will be pleasantly surprised!

Meet the Companies:
Scentsy offers a wide variety of wax tart warmers for any occasion and style, they are extremely popular options for flameless home fragrance. Many of our readers love their decorative warmers, but have concerns about their synthetically fragranced, petroleum wax tarts/bars. The glazed pottery warmers are electric, warming through the use of a single light bulb which also doubles as a nightlight.

Way Out Wax is an eco-friendly, non-toxic company that specializes in 100% non-GMO* soy wax candles that utilize only essential oil blends to create their fragrances. Essential oils do not only scent your home, they actively affect your mood through pure aromatherapy. The candles are created from renewable resources (soy versus petroleum) and all packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable! They do not use synthetic colors, dyes, or fragrances in their products.

To perform this experiment, we used a full-size Scentsy brand warmer ($30), with original 25 watt bulb, and tealight candles from Way Out Wax ($0.85-$1 each). The tealight was removed from it's container (easily pops out). Time was recorded during each stage of melting and fragrance dispersement. Photos were also taken to document the experiment.

5:45 - Placed tealight in warmer and turned on
5:50 - Tealight started to melt (elapsed time: 5 min) 

 6:15 - Tealight 75% melted and wick was pulled out (elapsed time: 30 min from start)

  6:20 - Completely melted (elapsed time: 35 min from start)

  8:45 - Turned off (elapsed time: 3 hours from start)
  8:50 - Wax cooling after 5 minutes off

  Next day 9:45 - Turned on warmer

10:00 - Melting again

The first day, the warmer was on for 3 hours total. For the second day, the warmer was left on for a total of 14 hours, with full strength scent throughout the home. On the third day, full strength scent lasted for an additional 6 hours. After this point, the scent load was noticeably lower (more subtle though still fragrancing), this phase lasted an additional 3 hours. This experiment was repeated to average results from multiple melts with different scents. A single tealight candle provided scented up to 1000 square feet indoors.

Average total scent time: 25-30 hours  [including 3-5 hours of subtle scenting]

Scent Effectiveness Comparison:
2 Scentsy cubes = 8-13 hours approx.
1 Way Out Wax tealight = 25-30 hours approx.

By using Way Out Wax tealights, your total cost will be only $2-3 for up to 90 hours of pure aromatherapy scenting your home, relaxing your mind, and soothing your soul!

[Assumption: 2 Scentsy cubes are equivalent to 1 Way Out Wax tealight for the purpose of the amount of melted wax required fill the bottom of the Scentsy warmer adequately]

Melted wax may be returned to the soil from which it came by digging a hole outdoors or poured back into the tealight container with the wick to be burned as an unscented candle. Easily wipes clean from the warmer.

Further Research:
Soy wax may be assumed safer than paraffin/petroleum based candles if it comes into contact with the skin. Since soy wax requires lower temperatures to melt, further experiment updates will determine whether scents will adequately disperse with lower wattage bulbs to reduce energy consumption. Stay tuned for ongoing updates!

*Non-GMO means that the plant's DNA has not been genetically altered in a laboratory - it is pure and natural, just as mother nature created it!