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Stokke Tripp Trapp® Dining Chair for Infants -> Adults

Think about how many things occur at your dining table. Games. Meals. Socializing. Artwork. Bonding.  This is the place where you share your meals and your lives. A place where you connect with your family and friends.

Now think of the typical high chair for children. Most have a tray that keeps the child several inches away from the table. Many are not adjustable to varying table heights. Others do not fit well into the space provided. All in all, during your child's most influential years, many traditional high chairs keep your child from participating in the wonderful events that occur at the family dinner table on a nightly basis. It leaves them...well, disconnected.

Giving your child comfortable and naturally ergonomic seating since 1972, the Tripp Trapp® chair brings families closer together...literally!

The simple, contemporary design allows for easy yet thorough cleaning after every meal! With multiple adjustments to custom fit your child, this high chair goes beyond the baby years and proves to be just as useful throughout childhood into adulthood.

The Tripp Trapp® can be fully adjusted to "custom fit your child’s body through its unique depth and height adjustable seat and foot plate. This enables comfortable and correct ergonomic seating for children of any age." The stable footrest supports their feet and allows them to sit comfortably at just the right height! Their upper body is supported with a backrest positioned at the depth that best suits them, depending on how you adjust the seat for your child.

Each chair is sustainably produced using your choice of cultivated beech, American walnut, or European oak. Not only are these woods eco-friendly, but they are also strong and durable. In fact, Stokke products are specifically designed to last a lifetime and beyond!

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