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Bumbleride® Indie® Natural Edition Stroller

Bumbleride® wants to get your family out and about in style with their eco-friendly Indie® Natural Edition stroller. Made from recycled aluminum, recycled polyester, and recycled plastics - this sporty stroller begs to be seen everywhere from the soccer fields to the beach boardwalk!

The Indie® Natural Edition seat reclines completely flat, making this a practical choice for napping infants. The canopy can be adjusted forward to block the sun at multiple angles and provides SPF 45 protection. The storage basket (18" x 15" x 10” DWH) is adequately sized for a larger diaper bag with the mesh basket opening to the rear rather than to the top as most, optimizing accessibility. We found that this works great for tossing in soccer balls or other toys for park trips! The front wheel locks allowing this stroller to function as a lightweight jogger for exercise purposes. Our favorite feature? The compact fold is smaller and tighter with dual locks, allowing smaller trunks to easily accommodate the Indie® for storage and travel.

The aluminum frame consists of up to 20% recycled metals and has proven to be efficiently lightweight and sturdy. The Indie® Natural Edition features 50% recycled material on the canopy as well as 50% sustainably produced bamboo fiber on the seating surfaces, maximizing moisture absorption while naturally inhibiting bacterial growth (an innate property of untreated bamboo). We contacted the company regarding mislabeled tags stating all fabrics and filling consist of 100% polyester on the stroller we received and were assured that newer labels have been corrected to reflect recycled and bamboo content.

While the materials are easy to wipe clean of crumbs and debris from everyday use, they lack the feeling of substantial quality. The fabric feels much like a softer version of the disposable pillowcases offered by airlines for in-flight use. The underlying foam is thin and bends out of shape easily. Overall, the quality of textiles used begs the question of longevity through repeated uses. On the bright side, no fire retardants are used on the fabric which means less chemical exposure for your little one. We suggest investing in a soft, organic stroller liner for long term use with the Indie® Natural Edition stroller for increased comfort and appeal.

Ease of Use
The best feature of this stroller is the extremely easy maneuverability it provides - gliding across the ground and turning on a dime! This stroller was tested during a marathon; the tester complimented the smooth ride, noting her wrists did not hurt from vibrations as she is accustomed to with her regular stroller. A few times when running on bumpier surfaces, the back wheel lock bar engaged suddenly and unintentionally; we were unable to determine the cause or if any defect is present.

Initial setup out of the box took approximately 30 minutes and required detailed instructions; we'd like to see the strollers delivered mostly assembled for busy parents on the go! Strap adjustments require complete re-threading of straps through buckles to adjust to proper height, there are no shortcuts – it would be time intensive to adjust this stroller for multiple children on any regular basis. The straps are excessively long and there is no method of storage for the additional length. For example, adjusting to a typical one year old child allowed for 4 straps "tails" of 9” length each leftover, simply hanging across the child; this makes it prone to tangling and does not provide a finished look. We would like to see attached elastic bands to roll the additional strap lengths into once adjusted and easier strap height adjustment.

The height and shape of the canopy limits usability for older or taller children, restricting their view (see dimensions section for actual measurements). However, for smaller/shorter children, we love the mesh ventilation window on top of the canopy. We like the option of removal of the back of the canopy for maximum ventilation in summer, although at the cost of the parental storage pocket - we'd like to see a ventilation design that doesn't sacrifice the much-needed parental storage!

The complaint we most often heard was about the adjustable footrest, which inevitably locks in an upward position every time you unfold the stroller for use. The buttons you must depress to release the footrest lock are hidden on the underside and difficult to push simultaneously. We would like to see this feature improved upon, possibly by relocating the footrest buttons to the outside of the stroller for easy access.

The child's multi-use bar locks at unusual positions: the higher position blocks the view of younger children near eye level, but the lower position places the bar at too great of a distance from younger children and too low (laying across legs) of older children. We also did not like the foam covered handle, which becomes tacky in hot and humid weather. The thick air-filled rubber tires offer 12” diameter and plenty of traction for both on and off road; on the down side, the innertube can deflate and pop just as that in a bicycle tire so you must operate cautiously. We would like to see Bumbleride® incorporate recycled rubber into their tires.

Despite the smooth ride, our toddler testers were uncomfortable riding in the Bumblebee Indie. During our first tests, we discovered a defective tire and had it replaced. Subsequent tests resulted in a lot of continued crying and complaints, which we did not experience with other strollers in our comparative reviews. Every child is different, therefore your experience may vary; unfortunately, in our tests, the Bumbleride Indie provided the least positive child reaction.

Environmental Impact
Bumbleride values innovation, design, and above all, aims to provide an unsurpassed customer experience! To make it "just a little bit easier for families to get outside and be active together, and that goal is the motivation behind [their] innovative thinking."

Charitable efforts: "We give used product new life by donating to different charities and organizations, some of which include Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego and their NICU, Baby Buggy, and an orphanage in Mexico."

Recycling : Recycling of returned and damaged strollers which cannot be donated, packaging materials, and paper, plastic, and glass goods from their office. Indie strollers are currently manufactured utilizing recycled aluminum, recycled polyester, and recycled plastic (for the backrest/seat boards).

Community Outreach: Project Bumbleride gives back to hospitals, parks, beaches, museums, schools and other family-centered organizations throughout the U.S. Recently, they hosted two public beach cleanups at a local beach for Earth Day to help teach children the importance of protecting our environment. Promotion of this program is made through sustainble offerings such as reusable canvas shopping bags.

Seat cover is removable and machine washable (cold), air dry. Spot clean canopy. The air-filled rubber tires are subject to replacement with use. 1 year warranty provided.

The Indie® leads the pack when it comes to compact fold for storage. The two side latches secure the stroller in a locked fold, and you can carry it through narrow openings by the handlebar or carry strap.

Made in Taiwan
Folded size (w/canopy): 32" x 24.5" x 15”
Ready-to-go size (w/canopy, widest configuration): 50" x 25" x 44” LWH
Weight (w/canopy):  23 lbs
Max. child weight: 45 lbs
Max. child height (per manufacturer): 43"
Max. child CRL height (seated bottom to top of head): 20"
Seatback height: 18"
Seat width: 12"
Seat depth: 10"
Seat height (ground to seat): 20”
Handlebar height (from ground, adjustable): 25", 30", 35", 40", or 44"
Recline options: adjustable slide incl. flat recline, does not sit fully upright

Tiltable parental cupholder is included, however it attaches to the side of the stroller and sticks out about 4” - just enough to tip over anytime you bump against a doorway or rack at the store. We also had a problem, with the canopy collapsed indoors, of the children reaching for and tipping over the cupholder, spilling contents. For these reasons, we only recommend using cold water or spillproof container when using the cupholder (for staining and safety purposes). Available for optional purchase: carrycot, rainshield (pvc-free), snack tray, footmuff and liner, and travel case.

Recommended for: Small children who prefer to recline with no handlebar; Sporty mamas with petite babies; Compact car owners; Babies who like to stroll the beach boardwalk

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