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Phil & Teds Vibe® Stroller

Award-winning design and convenient features have boosted the Phil and Ted's Vibe® stroller to fame. Appropriately referred to as the "uptown inline" - the trusty Vibe® promises to grow with your family and stick by your side for the long haul.

Sleek and smooth design with the capacity to carry your most precious cargo for years to come! The seat is well-cushioned and extremely comfortable; in fact, there was more than one instance of difficulty in getting children to stay OUT of this particular stroller. The canopy adjusts to any height and various angles, including full-forward tilt, to provide optimum sun protection throughout the day and as your child grows. The newest models also feature a mesh pop-out sun visor for added shade. The hand brake system allows you to engage the wheel locks at the touch of a button without using your feet whatsoever. Perhaps the best feature though, is the Vibe's ability to grow with your family by simply adding a double seat kit to the frame, allowing you to use the same stroller as your family expands!

The Vibe® uses polyurethane and polyester materials to create ruggedly durable fabrics for the seats; however, the silky soft and cushy seat toppers make this one of the most comfortable rides around! The drawback to the materials used is the heavy off-gassing of fumes you experience out of the box and for the first few uses. The benefit is a long life cycle which reduces the chance you'll ever need another stroller during your childbearing years. With the average family going through an average of six strollers over time, investing in the right choice from the beginning is your best bet to save money and reduce waste!

Ease of Use
Provides an extremely comfortable and smooth ride on most surfaces. Maneuverability is maximized, this stroller can turn on a dime on a moment's notice! Although the stroller expands with your family, the doubles seat kit takes up the storage basket and swaps it out for leg room. Since it's difficult to find a diaper bag that attaches to the handle without hanging down on the head of the child in the doubles seat, you'll likely want to invest in a backpack diaper bag since there is no on-board storage available with the doubles kit attached.

Environmental Impact
Phil and Teds goal: "To be the number one brand of choice for parents, allowing them to continue to lead a dynamic and active lifestyle, with kids in tow!"

Ongoing effort and commitment: "We take back pre-loved buggies, service them, spruce them up & donate them back into the community to a deserving cause!"

Reduced packaging materials: Of all the strollers we have tested and reviewed, this one had the least amount of packaging waste!

Reduced waste through durable, adaptable products: Being built to last and growing old with your family never looked so good!

Hand wash; air dry. The rubber tires may require replacement from regular use. 1 year warranty provided.

Compact fold can be achieved with doubles seat kit attached. Another great feature is the ability to easily wheel this stroller by the handlebar around while folded.

Made in China
Folded size (w/ double seat or single): 45" x 25.5" x 20" LWH
Ready-to-go size (w/double seat, widest configuration): 50" x 25" x 48" LWH
Ready-to-go size (single seat, widest configuration): 39" x 25" x 48" LWH
Weight (w/o double seat): 26 lbs
Max. child weight: 88 lbs
Max. child weight (w/ double seat): 33 lbs (rear) + 55 lbs (front)
Max. child CRL height (seated bottom to top of head): 34"
Seatback height (main/double): 24" / 17.5"
Seat width (main/double): 14" / 13"
Seat depth (main/double): 12" / 9"
Seat height (ground to seat, main/double): 19" / 11"
Handlebar height (from ground, adjustable): 37", 41", 43"
Recline options: sliding strap w/ lock, does not sit fully upright
Wheel diameter: 12"

Optional toddler food tray, stormy weather cover, cup holder, sunny days mesh cover, and peanut bassinet for newborns sold separately.

Recommended for: Sophisticated yet practical moms; Witty, youthful parents; Sporty and trendy parents; All-terrain daddies on the move

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