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Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch from ThinkGeek.Com

"Wow, this is a unique and stylish watch!"

The chrome face and stainless steel band on the Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch provides just the right amount of style and comfort combined with durable quality. Setting the time, date, and scrolling message are remarkably simple tasks considering there are only two buttons. If you don't like reading lengthy instructions, you're going to like this watch!

The band is sized for even the largest of wrists {in fact, it might be large enough to fit on your leg if you really wanted to...and we know some of you might be tempted to rock the clock anklet}. But don't worry if you have small wrists, the links are easily removed and the band adjusted down to fit you, too!

"Green" aspects: The LED lights allow minimal energy consumption for operation while stainless steel is non-toxic, keeping your body from absorbing toxics that leather and vinyl bands can expose you to through skin absorption.

Best yet? The scrolling message option is perfect for those honey-do list reminders! Of if you are really sweet, I nice little love note instead. Quick, simple, and easy to change messages at a moment's notice. Perhaps the perfect gift for the man in your life, it even comes in a gift tin!