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Stokke® Xplory® Stroller

"Designed not only for you and your child, but for your children’s children, and generations to come." Keep your baby close to you, safe and secure, in the Stokke® Xplory® stroller!

Minimalist design with everything you need and nothing you won't use. First and foremost, we'd like you to get down on your hands and knees and look around. Go ahead - what do you see? It's no wonder many children cannot stand being in strollers, there are not a lot of exciting things happening at ground level. Stokke® realized this very important concept - children need more than transportation, they need interaction! The adjustable positioning of this seat allows children to explore the world through a different point of view, encouraging curiosity and learning while providing entertainment. The higher seat height saves your back from unnecessary bending to reach the baby. The lightweight seat also features ample padding for superior comfort and is incredibly simple to flip direction within a few seconds time. The canopy provides exceptional sun protection (SPF 50); one section can be unzipped to reveal netting for ventilation. There is also a pop-out visor extension for protection or privacy. Single lever brake system that involves pressing down for both lock and release (no more pressing upwards with your toes to unlock).

The Xplory® utilizes the finest in available materials to create a long-lasting, well-built stroller for your family's needs. From the lightweight aluminum frame to the automobile-grade polymers, all materials used in the design are well conceived and implemented. The front tires appear to be a rubber coated foam, while the back tires are rubber. While the high-quality fabric is said to meet all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards, official certification has not been pursued for this particular item as of yet. (The Stokke® Sleepi™ is the only Oeko-Tex approved product currently manufactured by this company.)

Ease of Use
Very comfortable to push on smooth surfaces, such as sidewalks. Offroading through park grass proves to be bumpy, though not altogether difficult. To navigate curbs, you must step down backwards with the stroller to ensure the base does not scrape. The adjustable handle height and tilt allows for siblings and parents of varying heights (approx. 42 - 78") to easily and comfortably push the Xplory®. Additionally, the design adjusts to your stride by adjusting height at an angle, providing more stride space between your legs and stroller as the handlebar is adjusted higher; effectively eliminating wheel-kicking incidents!

Environmental Impact
Stokke's mission: To create high quality products, ensure the safety of your child, and protect and preserve your child's environment.

Ongoing effort and commitment: "Throughout the company’s history, we have made every effort and endeavour to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. We also continuously develop and explore new energy saving production techniques, fuel efficient shipping, and distribution methods."

Reduced waste through long-lasting products: "Perhaps the least discussed issue in relating to a product environmental effect is longevity. We create products that are designed to last a lifetime. High production standards, durable and robust materials, flexibility and adjustment options, together with timeless designs, ensure longevity to all our products."

Reduced pollution: "We transport all our products through modern and efficient logistics channels. Based upon warehouse hubs and the principle of moving large stock volumes at a time, we actively reduce transportation rates and frequency, thereby reducing emissions."

Responsible manufacturing: "We actively supervise, every aspect of raw material development, production, and distribution for all our products. Every supplier, business partner, and member of our value chain co‐sign a code of conduct agreement outlining our joint responsibilities, to ensure proper working conditions, compensations, and production methods. As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, Stokke is an advocate of ethical trade practices."

All Xplory® fabrics (polyester) are fully removable and machine washable. The rear rubber tires may require replacement after several years of use. 3 year warranty provided.

While it can be partially folded to reduce the overall required storage space, it does not stand alone when folded. The few latches make it simple to compact this stroller quickly, however the seat must be forward facing or removed for storage. While lifting and opening the stroller can be managed one-handed while holding an infant, it requires both hands to store away. We recommend the Xplory® for those who wish to leave their stroller ready to go on a moment's notice (and who have the space to do so in their home).

Made in Netherlands
Folded size (w/seat): 20" x 22" x 47" LWH
Ready-to-go size (w/seat, widest configuration): 46" x 22" x 47" LWH
Weight (chassis w/seat): 23 lbs
Max. child weight: 45 lbs
Max. child CRL height (seated bottom to top of head): 23"
Seatback height: 20"
Seat width: 10"
Seat depth: 9"
Seat height (ground to seat, adjustable): 23-28"
Handlebar height (from ground, adjustable): 27-45"
Recline options: 3 (rear facing), 2 (forward facing)

An optional infant carrycot/bassinet is available as well as a changing bag (which hangs from special built-in straps to provide additional storage). A matching shopping/diaper bag is included. Also included are a phthalate-free rain cover (pvc), mosquito net cover, and infant support insert. As your family expands, consider the optional toddler rider board ($119.99 US) which attaches to the rear of the stroller to keep your toddler (up to 44 lbs) nearby. We highly recommended the parent cup holder ($24.99 US) which attaches front and center to the handlebar (we love coordinating Lifefactory® bottles).

Recommended for: Trendy fashionista mamas who love the sleek, stylish design; Caretakers of varying heights; Suburban sidewalk or city street strolling

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