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Orbit Baby G2® Stroller

As the only stroller with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, the Orbit Baby G2® is certainly one of the healthiest baby products on the market. Uniquely designed to allow your child to sit in any direction, the G2 encourages your child to participate in their surrounding environment while remaining safely seated in their stroller.

The G2® has one of the tallest built-in canopies we have seen on a stroller and with this, it provides exceptional sun protection - in fact, you can almost completely enclose the baby with simultaneous use of the canopy and pop-out paparazzi shade. Increased air flow through the seat is achieved with an innovative zippered flap with magnets on the back. One of the most unique features offered on this stroller is a 360 degree swivel seat with the ability to face the baby in any direction during strolling, including the side.

The Orbit Baby G2® is the only stroller to meeting strict Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification requirements, even for the polyurethane foam and batting. We like that a portion of the aluminum used in manufacture of the stroller contains recycled content. Other parts are made of virgin plastics, but they are marked with polypropylene or polycarbonate symbols for easy recycling at local centers. The company is also pursuing recycled content fabrics for use in future products and does not currently use flame retardants on their strollers. Overall, the stroller is made of high quality and durable materials. And if you happen to be someone who is into the trendiest product to have, this stroller has quite a celebrity following!

Ease of Use
It is very quick and simple to adjust the recline angle and direction with your baby in the seat. The excellent shock absorption system delivers a smooth ride: click here to read more about it! The wheels are a rubber-coated foam material, meaning you won't have to worry about popping your tires {which did happen with other strollers in testing}. We did note a few drawbacks, mainly involving the canopy. There is a slightly obstructed view due to canopy placement being lower on the seat, however this provides exceptional sun protection so it is a trade off. Due to this, we recommend this stroller for younger children who like to look at parent more than look around or children who are easily intimidated/overwhelmed with too much to see at once. The canopy, due to it's large size and stretchy material, does not remain taut unless fully extended; this leaves folds of fabric to collect at the top of the seat near the child's head. To remedy this, we tucked in the extra canopy fabric into the seat upholstery for evening strolls.

Environmental Impact
Orbit Baby's mission: "To combine sophisticated design with smart function to make world-class solutions for taking your children on the go – sensibly, easily, safely, and always with style. We’ve spent years researching, testing, and working from the ground up to create products that are elegantly simple, intuitive to use and unsurpassed in real-world safety. We apply advanced engineering, innovative design, and high-tech materials to make the best child transportation gear on the planet."

Certified Fabric: "The world’s first stroller with all fabrics and foams certified safe by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring they are healthier for your baby and better for the environment."

Durability: "We've accounted for the wear and tear of baby travel by using high-quality materials and designing components to be durable. We go above and beyond standard required tests by designing our own methods to test our products for real-life wear and tear." A longer lasting product eliminates the need for replacements and reduces waste.

Versatility: "Our system is sensibly designed to grow as your baby grows: just swap out your Orbit seat and keep using the rest of our durable system. From a newborn infant to a rambunctious toddler, from a walk in the park to the airport terminal, you can adapt your Orbit travel system to accommodate life's roller-coaster."

Carbon footprint reduction: "Here at Orbit, we strive to be carbon neutral. The first and most important thing we can do is reduce our emissions in the first place. We are selective about our travel and we've installed showers to encourage bike commuting. We also encourage getting to work by carpool, public transit, or hybrid whenever possible. For the travel that we do, Orbit Baby purchases carbon offsets to fund green initiatives in our environment."

PVC-free: "Orbit Baby is proud to offer stroller rain shields made from a clear PVC-free material. With this PVC-free, phthalate-free, and chlorine-free polymer, we can deliver a transparent rain shield solution without the fumes, chemicals, stickiness, and that "shower-curtain smell" associated with PVC. In addition, all Orbit Baby products are free of PVC in the areas that come in contact with you and your child."

Eco-friendly offices: "In addition to using biodegradable utensils and minimal packaging at our office, we recycle all paper, plastic, and cardboard, as well as electronic equipment at authorized recycling centers. Our packaging is designed for efficient transportation and minimal waste; without bleach, plastic windows, or oily dyes, our brown paper boxes are both efficiently made and efficiently recycled."

Spot clean except seat, which is machine washable/line dry. 2 year warranty provided.

The fold is very easy; the handlebars end up next to the wheel. The seat, however, is best detached from the unit and laid face down on top or fully reclined for the most compact storage. Note: For storage purposes, the seat is approximately the same size as a standard infant carrier car seat if you wish to store it separately from the chassis.

Made in Guangdong China
Folded size (w/o seat): 35" x 16" x 15" LWH
Ready-to-go size (w/seat canopy, widest configuration): 42" x 25" x 49" LWH
Weight (w/ seat, canopy, cargo pod): 28 lbs 5 oz
Max. child weight:  40 lbs
Max. child height (per manufacturer): 40"
Max. child CRL height (seated bottom to top of head): 22"
Seatback height: 21"
Seat width: 9"
Seat depth: 10.5"
Seat height (ground to upright seat): 23.5"
Handlebar height (from ground, adjustable): 38", 39.5", 41.5", 44"
Recline options: 3
Wheel diameter (rear/front): 10" / 7"

Cargo pod is included and reminds us of an old-fashioned doctor bag, both in style and helpfulness! You can stash just about anything you need in the cargo pod, including additional drinks with the built-in cupholders, and then just slide it out and use it as a diaper bag on the go.

Recommended for: Certifiably green mamas; Trendy caregivers; Babies who don't want to miss out on anything (full swivel view)

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