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Green Sprouts Portable Lunchware

Whether you're looking to pack a lunch for your child or yourself, Green Sprouts offers safe products at reasonable prices on lunch bags, snack bags, and lunchware! Available in a variety of sizes, their preppy argyle print collection is hip and versatile.

Better yet, they are currently holding a back-to-school sale on these fantastic favorites: Lunch bags are currently on sale for $13.99, snack bags are $11.99, and their fabulous stainless steel jar is only $15.99!

Why do we love Green Sprouts? They produce BPA-free, PVC-free, easy-to-clean products that lessen the chemical load on both your body and the planet as well as reduce waste. What's not to love?!

What sets them apart from all the others? Besides their dedication to healthier products, Green Sprouts offers convenience that others don't. For example, each bag (regardless of size) offers a tab buckle handle - this allows you to quickly and easily attach it to anything (stroller handles to save basket space, your purse, a backpack, bicycle, etc) - the possibilities for this convenience are endless. Another great feature of their bags are optional compartments - the lunch bag has a flexible yet firm and repositionable divider that allows you to custom fit the bag to your lunch and secure your items. The various sizes acknowledge that not everyone fits into the "one size fits all" category...which is just as realistic as these products are practical!

And if you are looking for a great way to have a warm lunch in the middle of the day, look not further than the reusable stainless steel jar - perfect for soup, oatmeal, and all other sorts of real meals on the go! Dishwasher-safe and double walled for excellent insulation. It holds 10 ounces of deliciousness!

You can check out all Green Sprouts wonderful products (and great sale items) by visiting their website: