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Body: Agape & Zoe Naturals Eau de Parfum Spray

Finding your signature scent is hard enough on it's own with the multitude of fragrances on the market. Unfortunately, many fragrances are synthetic with hidden chemicals, many of which are toxic. In a world where you want to smell life, not just live it, there is a very real need for pleasant scents that not only define your presence but compliment it whilst maintaining safety during use and promoting health rather than devastating it. In our years of investigating products available on the market, I can truly say that the Agape and Zoe Naturals line of spray perfumes is a magnificent treasure!

With a generous offering of 10 designer scents consisting of only organic grain alcohol and essential oils, Agape and Zoe Naturals has a little something for everyone. We are enamored with Sugared Crush, a playful scent that you're sure to like if you're switching over from anything from J. Lo to Victoria Secret's signature scents. The soft vanilla warmth of this perfume lasts over 8 hours, delicately lightening to a wisp of scent. Absolutely perfection for the young or young at heart!! 

If you're more earthy and prefer crisp and fresh over an alluring sprite of a scent, check out Green. A delightfully light fragrance that will remind you of cucumber, mint, and a hint of mandarin orange! This one works great to lighten the mood and freshen the air around you as well, lifting your spirits into a sunshine-filled day. 

Since each 2 oz. spray bottle is generously proportioned, we recommend you first purchase a sampler set to see which scent works best with your body chemistry. The 10-scent sampler set of vials can be purchased for $20 US here. These perfumes are so amazing, exactly what many of us have been looking for, so I recommend you invest in the sampler first to ensure you are happy with your long-lasting purchase.

GMO-free. Phthalate-free. Paraben-free. Petro-free. Not tested on animals. Vegan. Gluten-free. Like we said, pure certified organic grain alcohol and essential oils -- nothing else added except love!