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Baby: Innobaby Packin' Smart 4-Tier Stack-n-Seal

Everyone knows that kids grow like weeds, but what most non-parents don't realize is the reason why they shoot up inches each month! I'm going to go ahead and break the sworn secrecy contract of parenthood and let you in on a little secret...children eat ALL OF THE TIME! Seriously, not barely an hour goes by during their waking hours that kids aren't nibbling on one thing or another. And if you don't have food on hand at any given moment, they're likely to start chewing on other things like their hands or worse yet, your hands!

To prevent this very common childhood affliction (incessant hunger), experienced parents know the many benefits of keeping a stash of snackage supplies on and at all times! Now, this is fairly easily accomplished if you're at home or happen to be in a populated area with other stocked parents or restaurants; however, you never know when you're going to end up somewhere with no access to snack foods and if you're unprepared, the infamous toddler meltdown may occur.

My recommendation? The Innobaby Stack-n-Seal ($17.99 US) container allows you to carry up to 4 generous toddler-sized portions wherever you venture. One of the great benefits of the Innobaby design over other similar models is that each tier provides it's own "easy pour spout" lid for easy disbursement of snacks without accidentally pouring out the entire thing all at once! It can be easily customized to fit your needs; 1 container, 4 containers, or more (they only sell up to the 4-tier but you can buy more and screw them all together just the same). The plastic is recyclable polypropylene (#5) which is known to be non-leaching. And what I really like is that it is the perfect size for my diaper bag, slipping unnoticed into the inside corner and there's no digging around to find it since it is a tall container.

Available in several colors and designs.