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Garden: Eco Flower Pots

Just in time for Spring...the eco-friendly way to plant your container garden!

Eco Flower Pots are made in the USA of recycled rubber from the tires and recycled plastics, utilizing local resources whenever possible. They are heavier weight and sturdier than your typical plastic pot and provide more insulation from extreme temperatures when compared to traditional pots.

Have you ever had your plant wilt in a pot, despite adequate sunshine and water? That's because sunshine can literally cook the roots of plants if planted in clay or ceramic pots. And typical plastic pots are thin and become brittle over time, leading to breakage and excess waste (and cost).

In our opinion, the best thing about Eco Flower Pots is their indestructability! A product that has a long lasting life cycle saves oodles of waste from ending up in the not only is this product green from the get-go, but throughout it's very long life.

Got saucers? Why yes, they do! And although there are standard no drainage holes in Eco Flower Pots, the company is more than happy to drill per your request, or you can drill them yourself if desired. And if you're tired of the store's idea of variety in terra cotta orange, dark green, and white as your only planting choices, you will be absolutely delighted to discover the many available (and very unique) colors up for grabs when you buy Eco Flower Pots!

At approximately $4 per pot, going green for your garden is an affordable option! And we just want to mention that this is a small business, so we encourage you to directly contact them with any questions you may have: 641- 394-5182 or