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Cleaners: ecodiscoveries

Home of the world's tiniest yet most effective cleaners!

Nursery Description: This natural plant based formula is gentle enough for your baby and strong enough to clean cribs, changing tables, toys, and more. Defend your nursery against petroleum residues and still be dazzling clean.

Tub and Tile Description: The organic salts in Tub and Tile scrub away build-up with ease. You’ll be safe from soap scum and chlorine cleaners forever. Safe has a tough side. Biodegradable. Fragrance-free. Non-toxic.

Nursery Ingredients: filtered water, coconut based surfactants, naturally derived citric acid, sodium citrate

Tub and Tile Ingredients: filtered water, coconut based surfactants, organic salts

Price: $9.95 US per 2 refill concentrate bottles = 64 oz of cleaner

WOW! This is one little bottle that packs a huge punch in not only cleaning effectiveness, but in conservation of space, materials, and transportation costs! 

PRACTICAL: I have to admit that upon opening the package, I was hugely impressed by the teeny tiny size of this refill bottle. Here is a photo below of it standing next to a standard 32oz cleaner bottle. It is cheaper to produce, cheaper to ship, and being made of #1 PETE plastic means it is the easiest plastic to readily recycle! Win-Win-Win for the packaging and design!!!

PORTABILITY: If you're a neurotic germaphob like me who likes to clean the hotel room when you arrive, this little 2 oz concentrate bottle can be stored in your carry-on luggage and poured into an empty sprayer at your destination, add some water, and you're set to clean to your heart's content!

EFFECTIVE: These have quickly become one of the few cleaners I trust when cleaning areas in my house where I know the evil bacteria is certain to lurk...the kitchen, the bathroom, and the nursery! All of these places have itty-bitty germs spreading around day-after-day regardless of how clean we try to be, so it's really important to have a cleaner that is going to destroy bacteria without hurting our family.

SAFE: One thing I always look for in any cleaning product for our home is the worst case scenario...that is, I look for the warning label section on the bottle. If it says to call poison control, the product does not get purchased! ecodiscoveries warning label reads: "Eye and skin irritant. Keep out of reach of children and pets. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water. If swallowed, drink water to dilute. If irritation persists, contact a physician." That last little bit is my golden key...DILUTE WITH WATER...that's right, folks, it is non-toxic so just dilute it and keep an eye on your child, they won't be dead within minutes like with any cleaning products that contain bleach or other harmful chemicals. I cannot stress this point enough as so many children die each year from severe chemical burns in their throats and stomachs that cannot be treated from curiously licking their fingers after touching cleaners just for a brief moment. Please prevent these dangers by buying responsibly; ecodiscoveries is one very wise choice for effective yet safe cleaners!