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Fabric Napkins = Fabkins!

Want to save $250 and eliminate 67 pounds of waste every year? Switch to fabric napkins for your or your child's lunch {or both}!

Fabkins are FABULOUS! Created from 100% certified organic cotton, these nifty napkins are geared towards kids but are stylish enough to work for anyone. Each set is embroidered with a themed picture, or you can purchase them with custom monogramming! Measuring 13 inches square, they are the perfect size for on-the-go meals or lunchboxes.

Some other fantastic earth-friendly facts about Fabkins:
*meets Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)
*sustainably produced
*fair-trade/socially responsible practices
*low-impact dyes (AZO & heavy metal-free)
*exceeds CPSIA standards for safe children's products

And perhaps the best part is how absolutely simple they are to keep clean! Just pop them in the washing machine after use and wash them up with the next load. We've actually taught our kids to take their plates to the kitchen and then go drop their fabkins immediately in the washer post-meals. Our kids are absolutely loving the designs and it makes them more likely to use their napkins rather than clothing to wipe their mouths. The only drawback we noticed is that if you want them wrinkle-free, you need to fold them immediately out of the dryer or resort to ironing. If you're a busy mom like I am, the fabkins will get used so often that wrinkles won't matter much!

Highly recommended!