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PureCitizen.Com ~ Daily eco-Bargains

Many of you have fallen in love with daily deal websites such as Groupon, Jasmere, and Zulily - all of which regularly feature eco-friendly products and deals. Now you have a greener option, a daily deals website where you don't have to think twice about whether a product is non-toxic or "green" because everything featured on PureCitizen is exactly that - an eco-friendlier product option!

Now, as I'm sure know, not all businesses are created equally and despite a great concept, if it's not enacted properly - it can create less than satisfactory experiences. We decided to put PureCitizen to the test and see how their customer service and delivery as well as product quality stacked up. For this review, we ordered a MapleXO recycled skateboard bangle bracelet.

Quality: This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, let's just say it's reincarnation has got to be a few steps up from it's original purpose as a skateboard! The colors are fabulously brilliant, the wood is strong and smooth, even the flowery print and slight curvature are appealing! It would look just as nice on businesswoman as it would on a teenager ~ though, I think it may be the perfect gift for an "emo" teen. It is much nicer than I could've imagined; after seeing this, I trust their taste in the products they feature.

Pricing: The manufacturer sells this bracelet for $24 on their website (with free shipping); PureCitizen offered it for sale at $16 (plus $6.95 flat rate shipping on orders under $100). A total savings on this particular item of $1.95 (~ 8% off MSRP). Although this may not seem like much, some of the items they offer are up to 90% off and others cannot be found on sale elsewhere. Plus, PureCitizen helps to offset the costs through their generous referral program.

Timeliness: Total days lapsed between order placement & product arrival: 15 days total
It is important to note that we placed the order at the start of the sale and that it is clearly stated on the website that orders are not submitted for fulfillment until the 72-hour sale ends. Here is a breakdown of the timeline of our order:
Day 1 - order placed
Day 3 - end of sale/order sent to company for fulfillment
Day 10 - shipped
Day 15 - delivered

Since it does require approximately a 2-week time frame to receive your order, it is good to keep this in mind if ordering for something such as a birthday or anniversary gift! In a time of instant gratification, where we honestly would LOVE for the product to pop out of our computer screen the instant we click on it - sometimes it is difficult to imagine waiting for your newly prized possession. However, the quality of the products offered on PureCitizen proves the point that good things are worth waiting for!

Overall, this is a great website... a "no brainer" for purchasing high-quality, greener items at discount! It's a great way to discover less-than-well-known products and companies and explore the many options the eco-friendlier market has to offer!