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In the Kitchen: Peter Rabbit Organics

I'm not sure how I made it to my third child without having experienced the absolutely simplest way to feed them -- but now that I know about these great baby food pouches, there is no turning back!

Whether you are traveling or just tired of washing baby spoons, this is the perfect solution! The twist off cap reveals a spout that the baby (over 6 months of age) can actually suck on and quickly get their entire meal - literally within a minute! It's like a smoothie on the go...and for us mommies, it is AMAZING!

The cap is recyclable, the entire pouch is bpa-free and takes less resources to make than traditional glass jars. Since they are flat, they take up less space in landfills and are smaller to transport. But the truly wholesome goodness lies within the variety of fruit and veggie flavors, all organic (USDA certified), that make these must-have meals and snacks.

We allowed our little one to choose from their wide variety of combinations (shown in photo) and he selected the Mango, Banana, and Orange pouch. I was a little hesitant coming from the school of thought that oranges can be harsh on a baby's organs, causing a huge glucose spike, but I was really reassured after looking into this and seeing that only a small amount of orange is used - negating any negatives and simply boosting nutrients! Our baby happily gulped down EVERY flavor, despite being a picky eater. I can confidently say that this is the best way to go if you can't make your own baby food from scratch!