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Baby: Beco Organic Drooling Pads

One of the most precious bonding activities is the ability to have your sweet little one snuggled up to your chest wherever you go. Through our many years of juggling baby carriers, we settled upon our favorite - a brand called Beco. Beco baby carriers are soft sided, they are like wrapping up your baby in wholesome organic love, plus they're quick and easy to use! You can wear the baby on your front (facing in or out) or on your back - and the carrier is built to last well beyond the toddler years so it's a great idea if you plan to go hiking with your 3 year old, too! There are several models available from this wonderful company and really, they're all absolutely wonderful and there's something for every body type. Regardless of which model you end up falling head over heels for, there is one handy dandy accessory you need to know about -- drooling pads!

Beco's drooling pads are 100% organic cotton terry cloth, making them super soft and absorbent! You simply fasten them around your shoulder straps in the front via the velcro-like closure (a.k.a. touch tape) and there they stay for your baby to suck and nibble on, sparing your shoulders and tee from the unavoidable baby drool!  A pack of two drooling pads is only $20 and they fit your Beco shoulder straps perfectly to a T. Perhaps the second best thing beyond saving you from an accidental wet t-shirt contest from baby is that these pads are machine washable - so you can simply toss them in the washer at the end of the day and they're good to go again for another slobbery adventure the next morning! Definitely an accessory to make your life a little bit easier and a lot less messy...