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Garden: Dunecraft Eco Plant Pals

"Robert is as upstanding as he is tall in stature. He is a very funny fellow and sharp as a tack. He has lots of stories and is part of a truly honorable species."

"Laura loves art of all sorts and always enjoys seeing it. She is very thoughtful, nice, and fun. Laura Lobelia can usually be found in elegant places, with elegant companions."

"Aloe is very handy and could be considered the universal fixer. In addition to treating sunburns, cuts, and bites, Alin renovates buildings, sets up networks, and can generally fix almost everything."

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking...the first two could be dating ads published in the local newspaper, but that last one....well, you're not so certain about. There is a great reason for your skepticism...because these really are not people, they're plants!

From the wonderful world of Dunecraft arrives Eco Plant Pals, each with their own name and style. These small kits are perfect for a windowsill garden and include everything you need to start your own little plant friends growing on a road to success. 

In our testing, we were able to cultivate 75% of the samples we tested. One helpful tip is to keep the lid on until the sprouts are over an inch in height and always make sure there is plenty of moisture inside. The containers are made from corn resin, leaving an eco-friendly footprint for your plant pals.