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Pengoloo by Blue Orange Games

Penguins are the new Easter bunnies of 2011!

Easter is right around the corner and if you're looking to truly go green for your child's basket this year, the options aren't as plentiful as parents would hope. Long gone are the days of plastic, single-use toys that are broken long before Easter dinner is even on the table. This year's goal is to focus on quality, not quantity...and our #1 recommendation for children is the Pengoloo game! (If you're shopping for children under age 3, we highly recommend this fair-trade carrot rattle instead for choking safety.)

Pengoloo is a game that is as much enjoyed by a 3 year old as it is by an adult! Each player takes a turn rolling colored dice and lifting up penguins to try to find which one is hiding a specific egg color. Playing helps to develop memory and teamwork skills, as well as learning colors and numbers. During testing, the kids (ages 3 and 5) were learning to add and subtract to see how many more penguins they needed to win the game and then work out probabilities by counting the remaining penguins on the game board. Needless to say, the educational value is high for this game on all accounts!

What makes Pengoloo even better is that it's wooden, built to last a long time. And the cherry on top of this is, every tree used in the manufacture of Blue Orange Games such as this, TWO trees are planted! Here is a statement off of their website:

"To that effect, we are the first game company, and the only one at that stage, that developed directly a plan to replant the trees we use to make our products. This dedication to quality, safety and the environment have earned us more than 50 industry awards in the past five years as well as the first ever given presitigious "Green Toy Company Award."

So this year, go ahead and trade in the bunny for the bird...because eco-friendlier penguins are the way to go! Currently, the best price for this game is available on Amazon at $18.29 with free prime shipping. Don't have a free prime membership? Sign up here for 3 months for free!