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Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottles

Glass is a trusted material that has been used for years throughout houses and the world! It is 100% recyclable and negates worries of toxic chemicals leached by many plastics. The glass and polypropylene cap can be recycled curbside in most cities, while the silicone sleeve may be shipped back to Lifefactory for recycling.

Glass is also taste-friendly, and does not hold odors or stains like plastics or metals can do. And if you're someone who weighs the social impacts along with environmental impacts in your purchases, you'll be happy to know that these bottles are made in France, Poland, and the USA. 

The sleeve is removable, but the entire bottle is dishwasher-safe or easily rinsed in the sink. After many washes, it still looks like new and we have not experienced any problems such as cracking of the silicone or fading. The bottle we tested is lovingly known as the "grape bottle" in our house, due to it's royal purple sleeve with circle cut-outs - and we absolutely adore it's design!

But....if you're like me, you're a bit hesitant to hand your child anything made of glass for fear of it shattering and cutting little fingers. It took me a few days of using this water bottle on my own to overcome this fear. First of all, the silicone sleeve does a great job of providing grip and lessening the chance of dropping. Secondly, the sleeve wraps around the entire bottle including the base edges, meaning that if and when you accidentally drop it, it is unlikely to break easily

I found myself becoming more careless with its handling as the days went on, treating it more like one of our metal bottles, but it did not break. I'm confident in recommending this to our readers because it really performed exceptionally well and has so many benefits that you cannot find outside of glass. You may love it as we do, or you may not, but one thing is sure -- you need to give it the chance to impress you!

Available in a wide variety of colors (15+) and sizes (4-22oz).

Price: $12.49 - 21.99 US