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Sigg: Reusable Bottles, Dishwasher-safe Design

Reusable water bottles are not only the environmentally friendly choice, but the healthier choice! Whereas plastic bottles deteriorate over time, breaking down to release toxins into your drinks, reusable aluminum and stainless steel bottles such as those made by Sigg, are long-lasting and non-toxic.

We've all seen oodles of brands lining the store shelves and websites when looking for a reusable water bottle to purchase. How do you know which one you should choose? We have tested a substantial amount of reusable drink containers over the years and one thing is for certain, if you want high quality, Sigg is definitely one to consider!

We have tested a children's Sigg bottle identical to the one pictured above, solidly for over one month. This is the first painted bottle that has not chipped, cracked, or in some other way cosmetically flawed with regular dishwasher cycles. And whether by simple luck or design, it has not sustained the usual dents that metal canister bottles are known for either.

The .3L Busy Bee Sigg kids bottle is lightweight and sized perfectly for little hands. The flip top cap covers the spout which opens easily with a twisting motion. Due to the twisting motion required, it cannot be opened by very small children, thus preventing spills. Also due to this spout design, it's likely to last much longer than it's up-down pull-push spout counterpart which is gnawed on to open/close.

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