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EIO Glass Silicone Sleeve Cup

"You shouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to choose safe products for your family! And now you don't. Life just got easier with 50+ brands of eating gear, toys and skincare - each confirmed free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and melamine. Also cadmium and lead-safe." provided us with an EIO Kids Cup ($15 US) for review of both the product and their customer service as an eco-friendly, non-toxic retailer! As far as their customer service goes, the product arrived quickly and packaged well, not excessively, within days after placing the order. All replies have been prompt and courteous. And the idea of having a single store that you can trust has already done all the legwork of finding and carrying only the safest products, is super convenient!

The EIO Kids Cup consists of an 8 oz. glass canning jar, polypropylene screw on lid, and silicone sleeve. This is not a spill proof cap, it is more of the style of a travel coffee lid with a single indented slit on one side. This design helps to teach kids proper sipping technique the same way as they would with a regular glass but without the ability to accidentally pour all of the drink into their face if tilted too quickly or far. The lid and sleeve fit most 8 oz canning jars so you don't need to buy many of these to have a full supply of kid-friendly cups! The silicone sleeve helps with grip and also protects the glass if dropped. We would like to see an improvement in the design that allows the silicone sleeve to wrap onto the bottom of the cup, as it is right now, it easily slides across surfaces which could cause more accidents than a silicone grip bottom. Another nice feature of glass is that it can be sanitized without breaking down or discoloring, and you can even use it for warm teas and cocoa without problem. We recommend this product for 3+ years of age.

Our 3 year old tester for this product commented that is makes the drink "bubbly" - apparently the way he is sipping from it. Either way, he really enjoyed using this cup.