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Cleaning: Better Life Starter Kit

Okay, so we all know that there are a lot of cleaners out there that claim to be "green" and then you read the label, gasping in shock and dismay. But this company, Better Life, is different!

They aim to do just what their name implies...provide YOU with a better life through more effective, non-toxic cleaning products that make your life simpler, healthier, and ultimately, happier! What you won't find in their products will impress you...Impress me, you say? How's this for starters (and yes, they have the proof to back this all up - we checked on it):

  • Proven to remove more bacteria on surfaces than leading natural AND conventional brands! (what-EVER! spray)

  • Better at removing soap scum and hard water stains! (what-EVER! spray)

  • Proven to biodegrade 2-3x faster!

  • NO petrochemicals (...nothing good is ever to come of dead dinosaurs after a million years ;-)

  • NO VOCs (easily vaporize into the air you breathe, causing respiratory problems)

  • NO ethyloxylates (endocrine disruptor; linked to cancer and sterility)

  • NO parabens (endocrine disruptor; linked to cancer and biocumulative)

  • NO sls or sles (solvents; toxic to marine life when rinsed down the drain and linked to various skin and lung conditions in humans)

  • NO synthetic dyes or fragrances (linked to disorders of the nervous system, cancer, respiratory problems, skin and easily degrades into more dangerous chemical compounds)
  • All bottles are 100% recyclable, post-consumer content in all packaging, water-based inks and recyclable film for labeling, and NO dyes or color pigments used in any products, bottles, sprayers, or caps!

  • NON-GMO ingredients(not genetically modified)

  • NO nanoparticles!

    ...are you convinced yet? These products are pretty awesome on for the testing phase. Do they work? We jumped at the opportunity to try their entire product line and test it out on a house full of little boys...could their products handle our all-consuming vortex of daily crud? Here's what our experience was with each product.
    What-EVER! All Purpose Cleaner ($6.99) cleans, well you guessed it, whatever hard surfaces you've got on your to-do list for today! Countertops, toilet seats, tables, chairs, sinks, showers, and even the walls...if it's a hard surface and you can wash it, you can spray it with this cleaner. It is available in scent-
    free or clary sage/citrus.

    This cleaner worked well on everything we triedit on, and we tried it on just about everything! It left our toilets sparkling, my countertops have never felt so smooth and clean (it leaves absolutely no residue or stickiness behind), and handled clean-ups quickly and without effort. The essential oils used to scent the clary sage/citrus really help to perk up your day; a known aromatherapeutic effect of clary sage. So I'm not really sure if it was the single swipe cleaning on every surface or the pleasant aromatherapy treatment I received while mopping up our everyday messes - but using this cleaner made a big difference in my daily routine!

    Ingredients: purified water, coconut surfactant, vegetable-based surfactant (corn), natural amino acid surfactant, clary sage essential oil, lemon essential oil, preservative (.08%)

    Even The Kitchen Sink Gentle Scrubber ($6.99 US) is an odorless, scratch-free polishing cleaner that works well on stainless steel, tile, bathtubs, glass, porcelain, and stone. I decided to test it out on our stovetop, the one that has had oodles of noodles overflow on it, caking starch to the surface repeatedly, and simply put - I've been trying to clean it off for actually 3 months now with bottle cleaners - nothing has worked (and I've been refusing to yank out the elbow grease and spend an afternoon on it with a homemade paste - just not enough hours in the day lately).

    Alas, this gentle scrubber was put to work, hard work, cleaning my sticky stovetop. I was so excited about how this would turn out that I took photos of the process...yes, I know, I'm goofy - but you can thank me later when you discover the magic of these effective products for yourself! ;-) The end result was amazing...the caked-on mess that every other cleaner had failed to clear for months was wiped off with very little scrubbing effort within seconds! It was pretty darn amazing.

    Ingredients: purified water, calcium carbonate, corn-based surfactant, coconut oil surfactant, coconut oil, vegetable wax, xanthan gum, preservative (.01%)

    Simply Floored Floor Cleaner ($7.29 US) is a ready-to-use, no rinsing required formula that leaves your floors super shiny and squeaky clean! It works on any hard flooring you have (given that it's washable obviously)....vinyl, tile, marble, bamboo, hardwood, laminate. Despite having a crawling infant, as long as the ingredients are safe and it removes the gunk, I'm good with it...alas, I've given this one the green light! The slight spearmint scent that lingers around the house after cleaning with this also makes it rather soothing!

    Ingredients: purified water, coconut and corn-based surfactant blend, vegetable glycerin, spearmint essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, bergamot essential oil, preservative (.08%)

    I Can See Clearly, WOW! Glass Cleaner ($6.99 US) is unscented and a little bit goes a long way! It wasn't as effective of a cleaner as what-EVER! all purpose cleaner in our testing, so if you have toothpaste bits on the kids' bathroom mirror, I would recommend a quick spritz of what-EVER! first and then following up with this glass cleaner to polish it up to a streak-free shine! Other than that, it will leave your windows and glass absolutely sparkling.

    Did youknow that you can reduce your energy bills by angling your blinds for the sunlight to shine into your house on the floor during the day? But if even the tiniest dust particles or residue are on the windows, it will reflect the light back out and you lose that heating advantage and energy savings. Yet another awesome reason, beyond aesthetics, to clean your windows regularly with a streak-free cleaner like this one!

    Ingredients: purified water, coconut surfactant, vegetable-based surfactant (palm and corn), preservative (.08%)

    2am Miracle Nursery Cleaner ($6.99 US) is a multi-purpose, multi-surface cleaner that's specially designed to clean cribs, toys, changing tables, car seats, highchairs, diaper pails, and nursery walls/floors. It can also be used as a deodorizer and on clothing as a stain pre-treatment! Perhaps, most importantly, this cleaner has been proven to remove more germs and bacteria off surfaces than conventional disinfectants!

    As a parent, I cannot stress enough the importance to have anursery cleaner on hand at all times in your house (or if you have room, take it with you in the diaper bag - changing stations in public restrooms are disgusting, having your cleaner on hand will allow you to change the baby without covering them in all sorts of nasty germs). Actually, I wish they made this nursery cleaner in a travel size for that very purpose (hmmm...time to email product development with my suggestion/request ;-)! And I'm not going to go into details on this one too much, I'll just reference their motto for this product, "3P's: Pee, Poop, Puke. Just spray, wipe, and go back to sleep," and agree -- yep! It does all of that and more!

    Ingredients: purified water, natural amino acid surfactant, coconut surfactant, vegetable-based surfactant, botanical extract (undisclosed), lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, preservative (.01%)

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