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Toys: Bilibo Imagination Toy

Let their imaginations run wild.

Description: A shell-shaped developmental toy that grows with the child's age and interests, transforming a variety of playful objects with multiple purposes and uses. Available in six different colors. Bilibo has received several international awards, including Spiel Gut (Germany), the Swiss Product Design Award in 2002 and Toy of the Year – UK Good Toy Awards in 2006.

Material: Recyclable Polyethylene (#2). which is the same plastic used in milk jugs!

Price:  $29.99 US

This is one of those products that caught my eye because it is so simple and unique, but yet as a parent, you really just don't know if the kids will like it or not. The only true test is to actually have the children play with it...and now I can confidently say, our kids LOVE the Bilibo!

In the past month, this toy has served a variety of purposes, here are just a few:
* Basket for rock collecting (and then dumping the rocks on our freshly cleaned floor)
* Swivel seat for spinning on the carpet (creating mad scientists due to static electricity hair)
* Slip and slide seat in the wet grass (preventing grass stains on their jeans - yay!)
* Step stool to reach cookies on the counter (not too sure we should promote this idea!)
* Placed on back to become turtles (crawling around with baby on the floor)
* Track for rolling balls in circles & racing (warning: very noisy)
* Placed on head as helmet (all hail the mighty gladiators)
* Put together to form a "happy head" (see photo above)
* Hiding place for Pouch, our beanie baby (after his PVC pellet removal surgery, of course)
* Chair for story time (a spinning good time)
*....and it's currently storing an entire container of lincoln logs!

There is some room for improvement, however, that we came up with. The plastic is ultra-hard, meaning one little whack or drop on the toe and it really hurts. And we would *really* like to see this made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, similar to the recycled polyethylene toys made by Green Toys.

Storage: You can stack up to 50 of these together, making it perfect for a daycare or preschool center. We easily store ours under a wingback chair in the living room!