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Hair: Morrocco Method -vs.- Divine Response Hair Sprays

Let's meet the competitors:

Morroco Method Int'l Volumizer Mist, 8oz  $19 US

Volumizer Mist leaves dry, unruly, fly-away or split-ended hair noticeably more manageable than before. The essential organic oils in this spray condition and nurture your hair/scalp for days and nights of continuous healing. Organic GRAPESEED EXTRACT has a thickening effect on your hair for increased body and texture, ‘volumizing’ it by 50% or more. Your “crowning glory” will be more manageable and easier to style by simply spraying Volumizer Mist on either wet or dry hair, then combing or brushing into the style you desire. Spray lightly once again to set your ’do.

Hold:  Moderate

Scent:  Herbal Aromatic

EWG Safety Rating: Green/Low Hazard

Vegan, Raw, & Wildcrafted Organic

Divine Response Champion Mist, 8oz  $18.95 US
Enhances the beauty and youth of women and men using only biologically and ecologically friendly components. With Divine Response, we have created a formula which nurtures a healthy scalp, shiny and responsive hair and contains a proprietary technology which will contribute to the restoration of healthy water systems.

Hold:  Strong

Scent:  Apple Cider Vinegar

EWG Safety Rating:  Green/Low Hazard


 And the winner is...

We really enjoy using both of these products, though at different times! They are both extremely safe, eco-friendly, and effective. Both companies have amazing customer service and the prices are nearly identical. The true difference lies within your styling needs: do you need a stronger hold or more flexible hairspray? If you a ballerina looking to keep your bun high and tight, we suggest using Divine Response Champion Mist. If you are wanting to spritz your curls to help control frizz on a humid day, but still allow for bounce and movement, we recommend Morrocco Method Volumizer Mist. Although the scents are different, neither one lasts on the hair very long so it isn't really part of the equation unless you really like/dislike one or the other during application. We also like that both bottles can be reused (either is perfect for essential oil blended water spritz because it keeps out light, allowing the oils to stay fresh longer). And if you're a typical person, you'll probably want one of each of these on hand for your many styles (though maybe the smaller size if you only use it occasionally - as natural herbs/oils do not have an extremely long shelf life)!