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Cleaning: Skoy - The Reusable, Washable, Paper Towel Alternative

Oh had me at "machine washable"...

Material: cotton, wood cellulose, water-based dyes 

Price:  $6.99 US/4-pack

Use: 1 Skoy = 15 ROLLS of paper towels



Goodbye single-use paper towels and nasty sponges, you are such a waste! Hello reusable Skoy cloths, you make my house and my heart shine!

In our endless search for eco-friendly products, I stumbled across this nifty little product and thought, well...why not give it a try. Our family goes through rolls and rolls of paper towel, with 3 little boys, you can imagine the messes we clean up from paint to poop to peas...there's a whole lotta "p" around here, in every sense of the word!

Mind you, we do invest in 100% post-consumer recycled paper towel, but even with recycled products, there is manufacturing waste created so we still try to limit ourselves with any single-use household items. And not to be too picky about brown, because I do love natural coloring, but it's really nice to have some color in my cleaning routine and skoy provides just the right amount of colorful cheer to my tasks!

How long does each one last?
We actually started out testing the skoy as an experiment. It outlasted 2 rolls of paper towels and kept going. So we just stopped refilling the paper towel holder and instead stacked skoys under it on the countertop. We had started taking a photo after each run through the washer and dryer, but the number (written in ink) would wash out every time and there was not any noticeable wear and tear on the skoy. We finally emailed the manufacturer because we were wondering if this experiment would last all year, exactly how many times could one of these things last through use, washer, and dryer? Apparently over 300+ uses! Well, we love this product and have been convinced through using it how effective it is (and how much waste and money it saves)!!! I hope everyone will try these out, our family has been officially converted to skoy!

Responsible Manufacturing
"[We] are aware of the responsibility for handling resources carefully. We use renewable raw materials such as cellulose (derived from wood), and cotton to produce our SKOY cloths. Our factory has invested heavily in developing and implementing an integrated environmental recycling and disposal facility in which the economical use of energy and water is first and foremost. Production by-products are purified and recycled as far as possible within the process. Regeneration baths are returned to production by an evaporation process. Wastewater is treated at the site's biological wastewater purification plants. This environmental concept is at the vanguard of operations-related environmental policy and has resulted in our factory becoming a reference company throughout the industry."
Use & Care

I like to keep the skoys stacked on my countertop so they are always within reach when a spill happens in the kitchen! However, if you are using them for cleaning, you can simply wet them with water or any household cleaner, we highly recommend Mountain Green All Purpose Cleaner

Once your skoy has been worn out (and trust us, this takes a very long time to accomplish) , it can still be used as an outdoor cleaning rag for quite some time. 

The skoy can be cleaned in your dishwasher OR washer/dryer!! You can also sanitize your skoy by microwaving it for 1-2 minutes while wet daily!

After washing, drying, and all sorts of messy cleanups...the Skoy holds it's own! Actually, it holds up to 15 times it's weight in absorbency!