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Deodorant: Unscented Deodorant Powder by Solay Essentials

Description: Feel fresh and confident, naturally. Mineral rich with anti-bacterial properties, pure Himalayan crystal salt has been the foundation of health and beauty for centuries. We add apple cider vinegar, a natural deodorizer, to balance skin pH and neutralize odor. Our all-natural, long-lasting formula is safe and effective with no chemicals or aluminum. Blended by hand in small batches for purity and potency. Unscented.

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, Aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract.  

Price: $11.95 (2-3 month supply) + ecoSAFE COUPON code (10% off): Himalayas
I’ve suffered from excessive sweating for as long as I can remember and not just in hot weather! I sweat if it’s cold outside, in stressful/embarrassing situations, I even sweat at night in my sleep! I have always tried to stay aluminum free when choosing a deodorant for my “stinky little problem”. I also lean more towards unscented products because I feel like anything with too much scent just adds to my “funk”. After countless attempts with store brands (and even clinical strength products), I had yet to find a solution, until I tried Solay.

Since using Solay, I am ODOR-FREE (and it is unscented so there is no lingering floral/powder fragrance either)!! I still get minimal wetness (this is not an anti-perspirant, as sweat releases toxins out of your body and most natural deodorants will not want to prevent that). If you are more of a” wet” sweater than a “stinker” this is a deodorant to wear with tanks and dresses, but I would not recommend using it when wearing silk or a shirt that will show sweat. 

Caution: do not apply immediately after shaving!! (ouch!!) It does not leave irritation, but it does sting for a moment. I’ve noticed it is most effective if I apply it directly after my shower when my armpits are still damp.  I am so impressed with this product and am so thankful to finally have found an all natural solution to my embarrassing underarm odor!!

This review is provided courtesy of our Fashionista Nut, Marissa, who is transitioning from traditional to green products.