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Face: Kiss My Face Shea Soy Facial Cleansing Bar

Description: This creamy, fragrance free bar contains organic oils, shea butter and aloe to moisturize while you cleanse. Your skin will feel fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Sodium Palmate,* Sodium Cocoate,* Aqua, Glycerin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butte), Glycine, Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Leaf Extract)

EWG Safety Rating: Green/Low Hazard (1)

Price: $13 US

Many moons ago, when my friend and I first started writing our review blog, she had just finished reviewing a few products and gave me some of her leftover supply - a jar of hand cream (which worked wonders on my chapped winter hands) and this bar of facial cleansing soap from Kiss My Face.

It sat neglected in my bathroom cabinet for, seriously, years. I used mostly liquid facial cleansers and despite being unhappy with everything I’d tried I wasn’t too keen to give this bar a try because, well, it was a bar soap. Bar soaps leave your skin feeling dry and neglected - plus, don’t you use bar soaps at the bathroom sink? I like to wash my face in the shower and I was worried the bar soap would get ruined somehow in the shower, with water constantly running over it.

So I just sort of kept it around like, “Maybe sometime if I run out of whatever I’m using, I’ll give this a try.” I thought about keeping it on my counter in case I ever wanted to wash my face when I wasn’t showering. That never really happened either.

Then one day I was pinching pennies and needed facial soap. I looked into the cabinets to see if I had anything lying around and spotted the Kiss My Face box. I almost put it on the bathroom counter, but then I glanced in the shower. My husband used bar soap - it was right there in the shower, totally fine. I’d also recently reviewed a bar soap that I surprisingly loved (it’s by Caress and not an eco-friendly brand, but it ex-foliated wonderfully and did not leave my skin feeling dry) so I was feeling a little warmer about bar soaps in general and decided to give it a try.

Holy cow, guys. Seriously. This is good stuff. I ran the bar under the shower water in my hands, rubbing some of the soap into my palms. Then I just sort of rubbed the soap on my hands onto my face and it lathered just a bit. I rinsed it off after a bit and my skin felt fantastic. It just felt so natural and normal, like “isn’t this how soap is supposed to feel?”

I’ve been using this bar of soap for about 6 months now and that same bar is still going strong. So although you might consider a $13 bar of soap a bit expensive, I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. The thing has lasted forever, works great and smells nice - and it’s totally eco-friendly, containing no animal ingredients, artificial colors, or unnecessary chemicals and it wasn’t tested on animals. So you can feel really good while you're washing up with this bar soap!

I also loved that the scent was so innocuous. It doesn’t smell floral or girly which means my husband could use it if he ever wanted to. It just smells clean, you know? And I just found out yesterday that he has in fact been using this soap for awhile now - which means, holy moley this stuff lasts forever!

My husband wants to add that not only does he love using this soap and likes the scent and blah blah blah, it’s also the best facial cleanser he’s used in awhile for his acne. Granted, he’s not a teenager anymore, but he swears this stuff works as well as any of the expensive treatments his mother bought him growing up.

So - great for your skin, good smelling, eco-friendly, lasts forever - what are you waiting for guys? You’ve gotta try this stuff!

This review was written by Jen, a.k.a  mommablogsalot, an ecoSAFE guest tester and founding member of Momma's Review