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Handmade Gifts from My Zoo To You

15% of all sales from My Zoo To You benefit the National Wildlife Foundation!


Looking for a card that says more than words?

From cows to owls, dolphins to kangaroos...My Zoo To You offers handmade boutique cards for every occasion! 

Design: The artist behind these colorful creations was inspired while planning to cheerfully decorate the walls of the orphaned kangaroo nursery at the zoo! 

"The kangaroos were all hand-drawn and hand-cut while working in the wee hours in between making bottles and feeding all the joeys around the clock."

Eco-friendly Attributes: Recycled/FSC paper supplies (cardstock & envelopes), solvent-free glue (non-toxic)m repurposed/recycled ribbons

Price:  $6 per set of 4 cards (prices vary by design/size)


Nature-Inspired Jewelry with a Purpose

True Story. As a product reviewer, I receive so many products each and every day, that the first impression really can be very important! In that first moment when you open a package, it's like opening a gift, and you can be totally delighted or sadly disappointed.

When I received the package from My Zoo To You, I had expected to receive the cards (above) to review, but this owl bracelet below came as a total (and very welcome) surprise! It was like being Alice in Wonderland and receiving my very merry un-birthday gift! From the moment I laid my eyes on these precious little owls, I've been completely smitten! I immediately emailed for more information on the product composition, history, etc. From this I found out several things, all of which made me not only love this bracelet even more...but also My Zoo To You as a truly friendly, honest business with great integrity.

If you're into elephants, birds, or hippos, you should head on over to the My Zoo To You shop right now to check out their currently available gifts! Each one is truly one-of-a-kind, so if you're looking for a perfect gift for yourself or someone else, there is no better gift to give. Here's why:

* Comes wrapped and packaged beautifully as the perfect gift!
* Recycled and/or Repurposed materials
* Lead free
* Nickel free
* 15% of all sales benefit the National Wildlife Federation!

Price: $15 US