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Toys: Recycling Truck from Green Toys

 Fair warning: if you  have more than one child, make sure you buy more than one green toy (see photo below)! These toys are so great, our kids started bargaining with each other just for a turn!  Made in the USA. 100% post-consumer recycled plastic from milk-jugs. No BPA. No phthalates. No lead paint.

When we sit our recycling bin on the curb and watch as it is carried away by the recycling truck, the children always wonder where all that "stuff" goes. Buying a Green Toys brand toy is an easy way for you to answer that question! Because Green Toys uses 100% curbside collected, recycled plastic from milk jugs to make their products! This product really helps kids to connect the dots between recycle bin & new recycled products!

Not only does this company offer a built-in recycling lesson with their products, but you are saving the world from a lot of pollution by buying this brand! On average, every pound of recycled plastic used to make Green Toys saves  enough energy to run a laptop computer for a MONTH or enough energy to power a tv for 3 WEEKS!  Can you believe that? It's amazing! You are reducing the carbon footprint and pollution load of the planet simply by using your buying power to vote for more responsibly created products, like Green Toys! 

Both sides of the truck have slots with pictures of various recyclable items! Simply cut out the matching pictures on the packaging box and instantly you have pieces to match up and recycle into your new truck!

The kids were fascinated with the "dump truck" action! After one week of playtime with this marvelous truck, just about every piece of paper in our house has been "recycled"!

And their product line doesn't stop at just has now expanded to include utensils, plates, & bowls! All dishwasher safe and free of toxins! Coming soon...we'll be reviewing Green Toys bowls! Stay tuned...