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Tasty Baby: Organic Brown Rice Cereal

Tasty Cereal. Tasty Packaging. Tasty Baby. Eco-friendly baby foods...ahh, at last, my love has come along!

As the mother of three, I am forever looking for foods that are not only healthy for my children, but that they enjoy eating as well! When I came across Tasty Baby brand foods recently, my interest was peaked -- organic, wholesome baby foods packaged responsibly in non-toxic wrapping -- could it be my dream come true? Excitedly, I placed my order for an entire case via Amazon grocery (and with the subscribe & save option on Amazon, it makes these cereals less expensive than conventional baby food cereals).

Tonight was his first bite of solid food, and as you can see from his photo, he is already a Tasty fan! Not only did he readily open his mouth to try this tasty cereal, it was much easier for me to make! It mixed without clumping, like so many other brands do, and the easy open/close zipper pouch (bpa-free to boot) made preparation super simple! I expect it to remain fresher longer than boxed brands as well, because of the stay fresh pouch it comes in! I must admit...I've become a Tasty mama tonight!

Coming soon...New! Tasty Baby Fruit Snacks review! Stay tuned...