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Home: 100% Soy & Essential Oils Candles by Way Out Wax

Beautiful scents. Made in the USA. 100% soy wax. Not genetically modified. No pesticides. Renewable resource. Metal-free wicks. No dyes. No additives. No synthetics. And an honest & friendly company to boot...

Before even opening the box, I could smell the most delicious aroma coming from the candles within. Normally, when I smell a candle, I start panicking that the only reason I can smell it is because of the high phthalate content. Phthalates are most commonly used to keep plastic soft, however, many years ago someone decided that it was a good idea to plop some of this toxic chemical into candles because it makes the scent stronger longer...well of course it does, because as it burns, tiny plastic molecules are attached to everything around your house through the air. Yuck. Toxic dust anyone?

Way Out Wax candle company realizes that toxic ingredients have no place in a candle! They use only the finest quality NATURAL ingredients such as US-farmed soy & essential oils from plants! All candles are produced in the USA, which means not only are their products required to follow stricter laws, but they also must pay their workers fair wages. What does this add up to? An environmentally & socially responsible company that makes amazing products that are affordable and work BETTER than conventional candles! I can't sing their praises enough...Way Out Wax candle company, you are my new favorite for candles!

We are currently enjoying their Cinnamon in a tin & Cozy Home cobalt glass candles! Cozy Home reminds me of an Autumn evening, cozied up by the warm fire, peering out the window as bright red, brown, and golden leaves lazily float down to the ground from an old Oak tree. If you are looking for a great natural alternative to "pumpkin spice" this holiday season, this is the candle you want! It comes in a beautiful, reusable deep blue glass tumbler and the burns up to 55 hours for only $15.99! Cinnamon in a tin burns up to 20 hours for only $6.99! This scent reminds me of cider on a snowy, December evening...reindeer bells off in the distance! The scent is comforting and exciting all at once. 

The yummy scent filled our home within minutes of being lit!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a WAY OUT WAX candle to enjoy in your home!