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Food: Organic Fruit Snacks by Tasty Baby

Tasty Fruit snacks taste like candy...

As a newly converted Tasty Baby mom, I was really excited to get my hands on their recently launched fruit snack products! Tasty Baby brand features completely organic ingredients and has been known for their reduced packaging, which ends up being environmentally friendly since it produces less waste.

Vegan. Gluten-free. No artifical colors. No preservatives. No artifical flavors. 100% daily vitamin C in one serving. No high fructose corn syrup. It sounds like a dream come true for snacktime! But...a closer look at the sugar content reveals why they are just so tasty...

13 grams of sugar in one pouch of their "sport" fruit snacks & the package only contained 11 little chews. 10 grams of sugar in one pouch of "superfruit" snacks & the package contained only 13 little chews. Now these do contain fruit juice so there is natural fructose sugar to  be counted in the snacks, but topping the ingredient list is "organic cane sugar" - not fruit juice. Needless to say, these little pouches packed a power punch of hyperactivity for about an hour after consumption, but didn't fill up their little tummies or even satisfy them temporarily - it just gave the children more energy with which to beg for more snacks with!

I'm not crazy about their plastic-coated foil packaging either. Not only did our treats get really gummy from the heat, but it seems really wasteful for a company I've considered to have fairly eco-friendly packaging in the past. Each box contains 5 plastic-coated pouches of fruit snacks, inside each pouch is only an average of 12 dime-sized snacks. It'd be nice if Tasty rethought their wasteful packaging and offered resealable large pouches, afterall, these little fruit snacks will be gone as soon as you sit them out - just put them directly on your child's plate, in with their sandwich, in a little reusable cloth pocket bag...there are so many better options.

As far as fruit snacks go, you won't find another brand so committed to organic ingredients as Tasty Baby, but I'd like to see them use 100% fruit juice or at least the majority of sugar to be from the fruit. I'd also like to see a little bit of fat or protein added so that the sugar took a bit longer to absorb into their systems, studies have shown that ingesting large amounts of sugar without fat or protein cause an insulin spike -- and with diabetes on the rise, it seems like a wise idea to slow the absorption or reduce the sugar in all snacks, especially those created for toddlers and young children.

With that said, we all found the snacks incredibly delicious and to be honest, they tasted like candy (not just the flavor, but the texture as well)! The sports snacks are like gumdrops frosted in sugar, while the superfruit snacks are delightfully jelly-like and smooth in texture. While I would not buy these for my children for snack time, due to the aforementioned reasons, I definitely would buy these for treats - as in every now and then at a movie, they would definitely get Tasty Baby fruit snacks instead of candy and it would still be a tasty treat for them!