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Cosmetics: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

One of the inconveniences of going green and trying to be non-toxic is that rarely is there a one stop shop where you can trust every product from a single company. It is fairly unusual to find a company in which all of their products are ranked as safe on the EWG Skin Deep Database. Well, ladies, today is your lucky we bring you Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, a company that offers only the safest in skin care and cosmetics!

The folks over at Ava Anderson Non-Toxic sent us a wide array of their absolutely delicious products to try and try we did...over and over and over again with great pleasure!  And although all of the ingredients checked out as safe...we had one lingering concern we asked Ava to address: nanoparticles.

Nano-particles are altered particles that are so teeny-tiny that some studies have shown them penetrating skin cells and actually altering DNA and other functions of the cells. Scientists fear this may lead to cancer and other significant problems. Currently, there are no requirements in the US for products containing nano-particles to be labeled as such; much like there is no requirement for products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) either. Unless you're up to be a lab rat, which we're not, we highly recommend contacting manufacturers before purchasing their products to inquire about their use of nano-particles. As for Ava and her products, she takes a strong stance against nano-particles.

"We do not use nanoparticles. From what we have read nanos are very dangerous. They are so small they have found them traveling to the brain.  I once read a report that suggested nano particles would someday be shown to have been a huge disastrous experiment.  We certainly do not want any part of that."
~Ava Anderson, Founder of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Having previously fallen for the scrumptiously scented (no synthetic scents added) Ava Anderson Non-Toxic makeup remover pads, I decided to try something new for the "before and after" photos for this review. The "before" photos feature the Ava light foundation, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and a Zosimos black eyeliner. The "after" photos show not only how well the makeup hides blemishes, but also how well the makeup remover pads work! I'll include a list of everything used in the photos below....

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Light Foundation
$36.50 US

The formulas are lightweight and do not feel caked on. It didn't feel like I was wearing makeup; but the best part was that it didn't look like I was wearing any either! Did I mention that the main ingredient, French Clay, actually absorbs toxins from the skin?

Pretty in Pink Blush
$18.95 US
A little of the blush goes a very long way...just a dab on the brush highlighted both of my cheeks and my brow bone!

Cottage Plum Lipstick
 $9.95 US
Glides on smooth, enriching the lips with essential nutrients while adding a subtle burst of color!

Tutu Lip Gloss
$8.95 US
This mint flavored gloss is super shiny but ultra sheer, so don't let the bright colors fool goes on much more natural than it appears!