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Cleaner: Lemon/Pine All-Purpose Spray by Anuera

Description: This multipurpose spray uses the penetrating power of essential oils and borax to gently, yet effectively clean from the kitchen to the bathroom. Your spirits will soar from the aromatherapy you can receive while cleaning at the same time!  Doubles as a disinfectant, so if you feel a cold coming on – spray the room around you! Your spirits will soar while cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing your home the natural way with NO harsh chemicals, added dyes or artificial fragrances. 

Available in two blends: Lavender-Tea Tree and Lemon-Pine. Both blends offer the perfect combination of fragrant oils to neutralize bad odors, kill germs and help prevent infections. These essential oils kill the germs that cause tuberculosis, staph infections, diphtheria, typhoid, pneumonia, strep and other ailments. Vegan. 24 oz

Ingredients:  Distilled water, borax (natural mineral), essential oil blend, organic & fair-trade vegetable-based cleanser

Recommended for: windows, carpet, bare floors, counters, cupboards, air deodorizer

Price:  $4.50 US  + FREE SHIPPING (limited time only)!


We received a bottle of the Anuera All-Purpose Cleaner in Lemon-Pine to test around the house for review. Since our house is a virtually endless string of messes, we've had ample opportunities to try it out on just about every surface imaginable in the past month!

The scent, which is strictly from the essential oils added for their anti-microbial properties, is a refreshing and clean fragrance of lemony pine. It reminds me of traditional cleaners, but without all the toxic fumes.

We found that it works absolutely the best for bathrooms. With three little boys, our bathrooms can get really nasty really quickly despite mommy's best efforts. I found that the Anuera All-Purpose Cleaner not only cleaned every surface in the bathroom, leaving it shiny and fresh, but also made me feel great! No more headaches from toxic cleaner fumes...give this small green company a chance and try out their cleaners today!