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Clothing: Rocking Horse Collection by Gymboree Organics

Simply Classic! The perfect organic baby outfit, complete with everything shown, for under $40!

Description:  For families embracing organics as a part of everyday life, this classic collection features neutral tones, suitable for boys or girls. Made from the softest organically grown cotton, playful rocking horses create a look that is as eco-friendly as it is adorable. Perfect for babying your baby -- available in newborn to 12-18 months sizing. 

Fiber Content: 100% Organic Cotton (with the exception of the socks which also have a percentage of nylon/spandex/terry for added stretch and comfort.

Price: $9.75-24.75 US  $3.99 - $20.00  (For a limited time, save up to 40% off + $5 Flat Rate Shipping)


I'm always impressed when I see a large corporation making an honest effort to go green. Gymboree Organics is my latest fascination and I'm so happy to have the chance to review their new line and share it with everyone! While there are many people who scoff at large companies' attempts at going green, I think it is a very important step for the world...and here's why!

If the entire population of the USA decided to go green tomorrow and only buy sustainable, organically produced products - we would have a lot of naked, hungry people walking around - it would be chaotic! Why is that? There would be a huge spike in the demand for organic products, but since it takes a long time and a lot of effort (and a lot of people) to grow organic materials, there would be a huge shortage in the supply department. Meaning, we simply wouldn't have enough products for all of those people.

And while it is awesome to support local businesses and small businesses, it is just as important to support large corporations that are turning over a new leaf and going green! We as consumers must teach them through voting with our dollars that it is profitable for them to go green, that their business will flourish along with the environment and the people making and buying their products! These companies have much longer arms that reach internationally and hold great power in their ability to make a huge eco-friendly impact on the entire world!

Last but not least, we all have to start somewhere - companies are no exception to this rule. I'm willing to bet there are few amongst us who are perfect and have made the best decision right off the bat every time. Just like children, we must learn and take baby steps in the right direction - learning from our errors and progressing and developing our ethics, conscience, and outlook. And as many of you know, it can be quite overwhelming to take those first few steps. Here we have a company who is taking baby steps and I for one applaud their efforts....and let's admit it, the clothes are super cute....let's talk more about that!

The Gymboree Organics line features 100% organically grown cotton! Why is this important? Cotton is the huge source of water pollution in the world - the pesticide runoff from cotton crops taint the water of billions of people! And it's not just water in foreign countries, our water systems in the USA are not designed to remove most modern chemicals either. So what's the solution? When you and I buy products made with 100% organic cotton (heads up: read the label - don't let companies fool you with calling something organic when it contains minimal %), we are voting with our dollars economically and saying, "we want organic cotton, stop polluting our water!" It's really quite a fascinating and empowering way to shop -- give it a try!

Another thing I REALLY love about this collection is the thick quality of the fabric! It just feels luxuriously soft on my baby's isn't cheap (although with the current sale, your wallet is going to be VERY happy with the price) and you can tell that it is going to last a very long time! Many baby clothes start to stretch out, lose shape, and the fibers thin out with repeated washings, but the Gymboree Organics line is not only holding up well in the washer and dryer, it is actually getting softer and the knit seems better fitted after each wash! I can only assume this is due to the high quality fabric and organic materials is really awesome!!!

Lastly, as many of you know, I'm ALL about having my babies look like babies, which isn't easy considering my newborns are in 9-12 month size within the first few months. I buy boutique quite often because it is rare to be able to find larger sizes that are age appropriately decorated...but then I run into the boutique sizing, where size 5T is equivalent to 24 months size in mainstream clothing! It's really quite a mess to just find good organic baby clothing that makes my babies look their age. Gymboree Organics has solved this problem! How absolutely adorable are these rocking horses? It makes for such a classy baby, perfectly styled! And all of their organics line is just as cute; previously they featured teddy bears with tan stripes - another classic baby theme! My only complaint? I wish they carried larger sizes -- I would love to see them carry this line up to size 6 because then I could buy their clothing through age 3 for our little ones! Hopefully with enough positive feedback from the public, they will decide to expand their line -- this mama for one is IN LOVE! <3

The best part? Gymboree Organics is on SALE up to 40% off RIGHT NOW! Check it out - it won't last long!!!