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Clothing: Baby Soy One-Piece Rompers

Description: This printed onepiece is the first of many items from this delicious new line. When purchasing any babysoy items, you know you are helping to reduce, reuse and now organically helping planet earth!

Fabric: Oh-Soy! (organic cotton + soybean fiber) 

Sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months

Price: $26 US

Description: This modern and sporty one-piece ensemble makes dressing fun and fast. Snaps run from collar to ankle and at the crotch to allow quick diaper changes. Soyfiber provides a luxury of coziness during the cooler days with its superior warmth retention characteristics. Its natural moisture transmission quality also helps keep babies warm and dry.

Style: 2fer in Tea

Fabric: Soybean fiber + cotton (non-organic)

Sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24 months

Price: $23 US

Baby Soy definitely has it's own unique features - afterall, how many articles of clothing do you own made from soybean plants? Scratch that. Have you even heard of soybean fiber being used in clothing? Me neither. But it's true...the multi-purpose plant that has found its way into every food product we eat is now available in our closets as well!

The style of Baby Soy clothing is modern with comfy classics your child is bound to get cozy in! A major benefit of soyfiber is actually just that - it will keep your kid cozy! Soybean fiber is known for it's warmth retention properties, making Baby Soy a great choice for cooler temperatures.

The fabric is luxuriously soft, not quite to the point of a bamboo velour but definitely in the realm of a well-worn favorite t-shirt type of softness! The sizing runs large compared to most other brands, especially boutique brands, so I actually would recommend buying the size per your child's actual age (and even at that, they will probably still have room to grow into it).

My only complaint about the Baby Soy brand is that I wish ALL of their products were made from organic soy and organic cotton. If you truly wish to buy only organic, be careful when reading the labeling information because only part of their collection is comprised of organic cotton. I'm looking forward to the possibility of reviewing their toddler clothing so I can comment further on durability on a toddler!