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Aromatherapy: Anuera Simple Spritz - Naughty Children's Blend

Description: Created by a preschool teacher to assist with transitioning children in class, especially formulated to combat the effects of ADHD. Simple spritz isn't just for children, either - use it as a body spritz or room spray to brighten your space. This blend balances the mind and body, calms emotion, and lifts grumpy spirits! 4 oz

Ingredients: Essential oils of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense, lavender, sweet orange, distilled water, and lots of love!

Price: $5 US


Given the name, my plan to try out this product was to spray it near my children when they were misbehaving. The most likely tester was going to be our toddler, who routinely throws tantrums in fits of independence that strike without warning throughout the day and night. I set out, bottle in hand, for my day of parenting. Within two hours, I had my first opportunity to employ my new tool by Anuera. Little Bear had hit his brother and then screamed and woken up the baby, that was it...tantrum in full swing. I quickly approached with my naughty children's spray in hand...*spritz, spritz, spritz*....the crying and screaming stopped. I was in shock. Really? Did it work just like that? Hmmm.

I think that my toddler was so surprised that instead of disciplining him, I pulled out a yummy orange scented spray and spritzed the air around him. "Mmmm, mommy, that smells good," was his exact comment. Well, then, tantrum avoided by the spray....Anuera earns a point!

The best way I can describe the scent is an 'antique orange' - it brings back nostalgic memories from childhood but at the same time, the only actual scent I can pick out is sweet orange. Although I'm not a citrus fan in general, it actually helped to calm my nerves and pick up my mood when spritzed in my bedroom in the morning. The scent is subtle and light, lingering only for a few moments, but it seems to have effects lasting much longer than you can actually smell the product. If you are looking for affordable aromatherapy options, Anuera is definitely worth taking a look at!