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Hair: Salon Naturals Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Sometimes it's not so much about what's IN a product as what's NOT in it!

Salon Naturals are free of parabens, pthalates, fragrance, urea, 1,4 dioxane, and PEGs becaus"healthy, nourished hair that is properly protected from harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients is capable of amazing things.  Start with a pure, gentle cleanser and conditioner and you may realize many of your other hair products are no longer needed."

Description: Regardless of hair type, the hydrating shampoo & conditioner will nourish, strengthen, add shine, and lock in moisture without weighing hair down.

EWG Skin Deep Database Rating: Both hydrating shampoo & conditioner are given the safest rating of 0 toxicity!

Price: $16 each  (Yes, that's only $1 per ounce of product!) Save 15% off your order, enter coupon code ECOSAFE at checkout! Expires 10-15-2010!

Charity: One tree is planted for every bottle of shampoo or conditioner purchased from Salon Naturals! Check out Trees for the Future for info!

For years, I have searched and tried just about every natural shampoo and conditioner I came across. There are those that look perfect on paper, but fall short on actual performance. And then there are those that have a few questionable ingredients, but in the spirit of choosing the lesser evil, they work better; thus, I was forced to accept unsafe ingredients to have great looking hair. Honestly, I was starting to wonder if any products existed that could be both safe, healthy, AND effective. Along came Salon Naturals into my life and straight into my shower...

At first glance, the simple white bottles didn't look like much; I was not prepared for the miracle that was hidden within. I poured out only about a nickel-size amount in the palm of my hand and applied to my hair - to my amazement, it lathered richly and heavily! Wow, what a nice surprise, as most natural shampoos I've found do not lather well. My hair instantly felt cleaner, it sounds cliche but it felt squeaky clean. I applied about the same amount of conditioner and really enjoyed the sweet aroma which filled the shower as my hair was soaking up the moisture. For the first time in a long time, my hair was detangled already out of the shower  - I was really impressed with these products! I call this the 'honeymoon phase' of hair care...the question now was if Salon Naturals could keep wooing me over and over again?

For anyone who is truly looking to judge a hair care product, it's important that you try the product daily for 2 weeks to see how it affects your hair. It takes about 2 weeks to transition your hair completely over and see the effects of a new product. And so day after day, wash after wash, I used Salon Naturals and after 2 weeks of use (plus), my hair is still as beautiful, easy to style, and fabulously soft as it was from the first wash! This is one hair care brand that I cannot recommend highly enough...Salon Naturals has something that is rare and amazing, natural and effective!