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Pregnancy Soap: Look, No X-E-MA! Soap by Four Elements Herbals

This soap will not only ease itching and irritation, but it cleanses fantastically and will leave you smelling yummy!

In my seemingly endless search to find an all-natural, non-drying body soap bar to use on my body during pregnancy, I stumbled upon this soap at Whole Foods Market. At $5 per bar, it isn't cheap, but wow - it does work well!

This soap, designed for those with extremely sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, works beautifully on pregnant skin that is stretching, dry, and itchy! After a few days of use, not only did my itching stop all over my belly and hips, but my stretchmarks from previous pregnancies actually look to be healing! I'm literally amazed.

The manufacturer does not market this product to pregnant women however the herbal blend is perfect for use during pregnancy and really works well as not only a cleanser (it leaves you feeling squeaky clean without overdrying) but also as a natural skin moisturizer! I HIGHLY recommend this soap!