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Pregnancy Balm: Bella B Tummy Honey

Once my favorite belly balm for pregnancy, this small company sold it's line to corporate giant, Learning Curve, and they changed the ingredient list completely.

I've been using Bella B tummy honey butter since 2005, when we were pregnant with our first child. The high herbal concentration with all natural ingredients made this a very desirable balm for me, and it worked so well to prevent itching and stretchmarks.

Recently, the brand was bought out and although the price remains the same at $20 for one tub of tummy honey, the ingredients have all been switched around and changed. For example, cheap Aloe Vera is now the #1 ingredient, not shea butter. Fragrance, which used to be near the end of the ingredient list (meaning a very small quantity), is now up near the top of the list above all of the herbs. Most of the beneficial herbs have been stripped out of the product and instead the fragrance of the herbs has been added in large quantities.

Despite these obvious changes, I decided to give it a try, afterall, it had been my favorite for years. Sadly, after 3 applications, my skin was itchy and bright red, a thorough scrubbing with soapy water relieved my tummy. Two days later, I tried again in vain, my not-so-sensitive skin obviously was reacting negatively to this new product. It is because of this reformulation that I cannot recommend this product any longer. If you are able to find old stock in a boutique or online (the paler yellow tub that does not have aloe as it's #1 ingredient), I wholeheartedly recommend you stock up!