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Mama Cloth: Imse Vimse Organic Menstrual Pads

For heavy flow days and overnight, this waterproof organic cotton menstrual pad is EXACTLY what you want and need! At $13 for 3 pads, this is one of the best priced mama cloth products on the market!

The downside? Since there is a waterproof polyurethane layer, there is less breathability than with a wool backed pad, but of course much more than a plastic lined disposable. These only come in natural, undyed organic cotton, which leave them looking dingy and brown with stains after use. You can sun some of the staining out, but there isn't any way to get rid of it all. Of course, personally, I really don't care about the staining because it is a darker taupe color stain and it's only in use when it's going to get stained again anyways! For more color and fabric options, I recommend Fussybutt Moonbows, Brooke's Nooks & Fannies, or Party in my Pants brands!