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Training Pants: Imse Vimse Organic

Imse Vimse: It's Swedish for "Itsy Bitsy" and known for great quality organic products for you, your baby, and toddler!

We recently started potty training our 2 year old son and he was so excited to receive his 2 pairs of Imse Vimse organic velour training pants! They are beautifully striped without dyes, the cotton is actually grown naturally in shades of cream, olive green, and taupe. Super soft and waterproof, I wish they made these in my size for postpartum needs!

The only downside I've experienced thus far is wicking, which is most likely due to the need to wash them many, many times to increase absorbency, just as with cloth diapers. However, I still feel these are a great alternative to disposable pull-ups for potty training and are the most luxuriously soft and completely eco-friendly choice for any toddler!