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Organic Clothing: Touched by Nature from Hudson Baby

Super cute. Affordable. 100% Organic. What more could anyone ask for?

With 3 ever-growing little boys, whose growth patterns most resemble weeds, we are always in need of clothing and shoes. By the time spring rolls around and the last snow melts off the ground, we notice that their wardrobe is suddenly 2 sizes too small. Coincidentally, it is usually around this same time that our wallet starts to melt, crying out at the prices we must pay to afford organic fabrics to clothe all of our little guys!

Well-known and trusted company, Hudson Baby, has solved this problem for us and so many other hard-working American families with their Touched by Nature organic line! Their clothing is not only organic, which means it is also super soft and long-lasting, but really affordable for everyone with prices starting as low as $2.99. Designed with cuteness in mind, they offer adorable natural patterns of owls, trees, giraffes, and chameleons! 

Here are some of my favorites (available now at with FREE shipping):