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Cloth Diapers: gDiapers

Flushable diapers. Waterproof cloth covers. A snug fit. What more could a mother ask for?

gDiapers are the perfect diapers for mothers who want options! You can choose to flush the poopy diaper insert or compost the urine soaked biodegradable insert in your garden (actually helping your soil)! The flushable/compostable/tossable (fully biodegradable in 90 days) disposable inserts cost the same as disposable diapers but have so much less impact on the planet. Plus, they are chlorine-free so you are protecting your little one from the known toxic effects of dioxin through skin absorption! This is the perfect choice for travel, on-the-go changes, and for childcare providers who refuse to change cloth diapers for your baby!

And the options go on, you can also choose to use cloth inserts! Not only does gDiapers sell the gCloth inserts, but you can easily sew your own made of any fabric you'd like (I prefer hemp and bamboo velour for absorbency and natural antibacterial properties) for only pennies! Don't like sewing? No problem, just buy a pack of prefold cloth diapers, fold them up and stuff them in the gDiaper cover and you're good to go!

My pet peeve with cloth diapers is odor - both of my boys have really strong smelling urine, much like that of a male cat, and it drives me crazy trying to add enzymes and find the "perfect" combination of vinegar and natural detergents to clean their diapers. In over a year of using gDiapers, I have not once had a problem with odors or very messy poop cleaning on the first go around in our HE washing machine. They clean perfectly, reliably, every time, on the first wash - no questions asked. This makes gDiapers one of my favorite cloth/hybrid diapers on the market!