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Cloth Diapers: Bum Genius

Bum Genius diapers are designed to make cloth diapering easy for everyone. They believe that cloth diapering should be as inexpensive and easy as using disposables.

Bum Genius was the first brand of cloth diapers I ever tried and it's true, they do make it very easy to cloth diaper! The velcro closures and waterproof built-in layer make these diapers virtually leakproof (once properly broken in by numerous washings). The included inserts are thin and suitable for all sizes of children. However, the main problem with this brand of cloth diaper, despite that there are cheaper and better alternatives, is the fabric utilized in the making of the diaper. The polyester blend diaper, both inside and out, as well as the microfiber liner are all synthetic materials (read: woven plastic fibers). Over time and usage, the fibers retain odors, especially that of urine, and it is nearly impossible to get the odors out short of having to wash them several times between uses. At $20 per diaper, this is just not a possibility for many families and it's not eco-friendly to waste so much water trying to get a cloth diaper which is actually clean. I'd love to see them improve upon their design by using a bamboo velour interior and insert. While I cannot recommend them currently, I could easily be won over if they changed the fabric they used to make these cloth diapers.

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