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Wall Paint: The FreshAire Choice

No VOCs in the paint. No VOCs in the dye. Truly a VOC-free paint for your walls!

One of the most dangerous common tasks in a home can be painting the walls. The release of numerous toxic chemicals into your air followed by months of off-gassing fumes that numb your nose so you can't even tell you are still being exposed. Not only does this pose a threat to our children, pregnant women, and everyone in the home, but it also to the pollution overload of our air. There are many no and low voc base paints (the white base before color is added) on the market, but VERY few which use no VOC dyes (the colorants used), and even fewer which utilize recyclable paint cans and sell for under $40 per gallon! The Freshaire Choice meets all of this criteria and thus was the choice in our home.

While you cannot "create your own" color with the pre-packaged dyes available with this paint brand, they do offer a beautiful color palette with a lot of variety to choose from. You have 3 choices as to base paint: semi-gloss, eggshell, and flat. Each retails for around $37-39 at Home Depot, with the flat paint selling for about $5 less per gallon. The paint is one coat coverage and we had no problem covering up previous darker colors with lighter ones. It also has a quick dry time of 30-45 minutes, which is a great benefit for little hands which are eager to touch newly painted surfaces. While there is some odor, it is not unpleasant and we had no problem completing painting at night after our children went to bed. My only complaint about this brand of paint is that the 1 gallon size is the smallest available, and if you are painting less than a 13x13' size room, you will have excess leftover. Overall, I highly recommend this paint! It is the perfect non-toxic nursery paint for pregnant mothers looking to paint their own nursery!